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The International Monetary Fund (IMF) on Tuesday said it had approved disbursal of first tranche of $1 billion loan to Pakistan as part of its $6 billion agreement to support country's economic reforms programme.
District Nazim Khan has allegedly halted the disbursal of 28,00,000 rupees in sports funds, tenders, and the development budgets allocated to the two district councilors.
"Within the next 25-30 days, we shall clear around 80 per cent of the loan waiver disbursal's.
Today, with the introduction of the Mobile Exchange, we have taken the convenience further by bringing the salary disbursal service right at customers' doorsteps.
The ambitious enterprise will employ Tameer Bank and the country's foremost mobile banking channel, Easypaisa to support and expedite the loan disbursal scheme besides offering a host of digital and technological value added services to stimulate upturnin agricultural yield.
Mohammad Kadeer Azizi who retired from the Ministry of Mines and Industries has complaints about the regularity of disbursal. "Earlier there could be a delay of two to three days.
KIEV, Shawwal 06, 1436, July 22, 2015, SPA -- Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseny Yatseniuk said on Wednesday he expected the International Monetary Fund to make a decision on the disbursal of a second tranche of financial aid worth $1.7 billion on July 31, Reuters reported.
The disbursal of pensions through bank accounts will bring down chances of irregularities," Khattar said.
Disbursal commences Meanwhile, the India-Oman Joint Investment Fund having commenced disbursals to projects during 2012 is expected to complete deployments of the first tranche by 2013-14, and thereafter move to the second tranche.
Cyprus parliament postponed for tomorrow (Saturday) the scheduled for Friday plenary session for the approval of a foreclosures bill, which is a precondition for the disbursal of the next tranche of the e1/410 billion bailout by Cyprus international lenders.
Concurrent to the government decision to introduce WPS, exchange houses stepped in and cooperated with WPS to address the challenge of salary disbursal to thousands of workers.
"In view of the higher risks associated with such lump-sum disbursal of sanctioned housing loans and customer suitability issues, banks are advised that disbursal of housing loans sanctioned to individuals should be closely linked to the stages of construction of the housing project/houses and upfront disbursal should not be made in cases of incomplete or underconstruction or greenfield housing projects," the RBI said in its notification.
The Eurogroup also welcomed the decision by the EU bailout fund, the European Stability Mechanism, to approve Monday the disbursal of the first part of Cyprus's first bailout instalment, to the tune of two billion euro.
The system is central to the Dutch government's disbursal of subsidies and grants of approximately 800 million euros per year.