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in an incredulous manner

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Petersburg's main vein, Nevsky Prospekt, bustles with musicians, street vendors, shoppers, boat hoppers, idle young lovers, and curious tourists gazing disbelievingly at the pale blue sky and checking their watches.
The public watched disbelievingly as operation 'squeezing the boil', as they dubbed it, went into full swing ana the former sacrosanct civil servants--'the un-dismissibles'--were summarily fired, sometimes in groups.
I've got unlimited amounts of money." They gulped disbelievingly and then he proved that he had actually more than he said.
Anse's desire to get to town is no doubt heightened by the fact that it has, as the geographically fluid Peabody disbelievingly states, been "twelve years" since Anse last visited "town." Given that Faulkner sets his novel during the Mississippi floods of 1927, we realize that Anse has been an absentee from town cultures since the mid-teens.
Inarritu toasted with Michael Keaton, and Eddie Redmayne looked disbelievingly at his trophy--but quite affectionately at wife Hannah Bagshawe.
When evidence of the deals to which they were a party during the negotiations are made public, they tend to react disbelievingly, ratcheting up the denials.
After the conversation was through, the professor eased himself into his chair and disbelievingly gazed out the window at the fading January light.
Luc Besson and his writing partner came to me and said, "We want to do Taken 2,'' Neeson says disbelievingly.
I killed ten, perhaps 11, over three days,' she says, slowly and almost disbelievingly, counting the murders on her fingers.
Judith Zaffirini, D-Laredo, challenged, disbelievingly.
I looked at myself, disbelievingly, feared I might be transparent, after all.
Moyes, watching disbelievingly on the touchline, dropped to his knees in anguish.
Even better was to come for Gunners as they watched almost disbelievingly as Dan Parks - so often the killer of their ambitions - squandered three goal chances in quick succession.
But as reminders from the wider cultural spectrum force the issue of our participation in these artistic events--we are already cued to laugh at Vautier's gag and to be disbelievingly mesmerized by Saint Phalle's pseudo target practice--the debate shifts from moralizing judgments to the nature of the libidinal engines revved up by such displays.
It will be no surprise if tourists from other countries also follow his advice, having watched disbelievingly in their living rooms as the carnage unfolded.