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the act of expelling a lawyer from the practice of law

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(Admitted to practice: 1994) Soule was found in contempt for failure to comply with the terms of an April 21, 2011, disbarment order.
Interviewed by reporters after Lacson's sponsorship speech, Castillo's parents and his uncle, Geraldo Malvar Castillo, vowed to bring a complaint for the disbarment of Divina and the other lawyers from Aegis Juris after the release of the Department of Justice (DOJ) resolution of the hazing case.
She also failed to notify The Florida Bar of her disbarment in Georgia.
Many Democrats favored disbarment of Clinton during the impeachment proceedings, but the Republican leadership pressed the attempt to have him removed from office, thinking it was just a Democratic attempt to save the president from impeachment.
Similarly, it recommends "modest changes" to proposed Section 10.61 to clarify that only enrolled agents and actuaries may "resign" from the IRS to avert Circular 230 disciplinary proceedings; at the DOP's discretion, other practitioners may consent to censure, suspension or disbarment.
The New York disbarment was decided and entered October 2011.
Brigadier General James Nhial Wasthkak right briefing disable after successful workshop at the South Sudan Disbarment Demobilization Reintegration Commission (SSDDRC) center in Bentiu, Unity state, South Sudan.
The white-collar crime is a third-degree felony in Texas punishable by up to 10 years in jail and disbarment.
(Admitted to practice: 1982) Disciplinary revocation without leave to reapply is tantamount to permanent disbarment. Disciplinary matters pending against Linder included an overdraft in his trust account of more than $58,000 and allegations of improperly using client funds for a purpose other than which they were intended.
In the light of the foregoing, and after due process, I pray that judgment be rendered declaring him GUILTY of all the charges and that supreme penalty of DISBARMENT be imposed upon him, ordering that his name be stricken from the Roll of Attorneys, and punished accordingly.
Civil   Attorney Discipline Disbarment The Director of the Office of Lawyers Professional Responsibility filed a petition and supplementary petition for disciplinary action against respondent Amoun Vang Sayaovong, alleging six counts of misconduct that occurred in Wisconsin and Minnesota.
Scophil officers Patermoscio Labayani, Roberto Galing and Fernando Regino filed the five-page complaint-affidavit for the disbarment of Mayor Duterte before the Office of the Bar Confidant at the Supreme Court, accusing the mayor of violating provisions of the Code of Professional Responsibility.
In a 33-page report dated January 23, 2018, the Senate committees on public order and dangerous drugs, and justice and human rights recommended, among others, the 'immediate institution of proper disciplinary or disbarment proceedings' against the lawyers and fraternity members 'to be determined to have had knowledge of the death of Castillo and failed to report the same to the authorities.'
(Admitted to practice: 2001) Moyer was found in contempt for failing to comply with the conditions of a March 22 disbarment order.
The Senate committees on public order and dangerous drugs, and on justice and human rights recommended the 'immediate institution of proper disciplinary or disbarment proceedings' against Divina, as well as other lawyers and fraternity members tagged in Castillo's death.