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remove from the bar

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Circular 230 authorizes Treasury to suspend or disbar from practice before the department a representative who (1) is incompetent; (2) is disreputable; (3) violates the rules regulating practice before the department; or (4) (with intent to defraud) willfully and knowingly misleads or threatens the person being represented (or a person who may be represented).
A Scottish barrister who allegedly created a scene by drunkenly giggling in a Hong Kong court is to face a tribunal that could disbar him.
As reported by the Washington Post, "in its one-sentence order, the court gave Clinton 40 days to explain, in writing, why it should not deprive him of the honor it bestowed to him in 1977 The action comes as a result of Arkansas' decision to disbar Clinton from practicing law in that state.
The decision to disbar him was taken by the Scottish Solicitors' Discipline Tribunal after a case was brought by the Law Society of Scotland.
A recent decision by the State Bar of Texas not to disbar San Antonio lawyers Robert "Trey" Wilson III and Andrew Toscano after their participation in a fraudulent lawsuit raises concerns that the current lawyer disciplinary system is too lax, according to Steven Hantler, assistant general counsel for DaimlerChrysler.