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Synonyms for disband

Synonyms for disband

cause to break up or cease to function

stop functioning or cohering as a unit


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I had also bestowed a shilling on the Orfling, who was about to be disbanded.
Hence, slow and scanty levies of men, in the most critical emergencies of our affairs; short enlistments at an unparalleled expense; continual fluctuations in the troops, ruinous to their discipline and subjecting the public safety frequently to the perilous crisis of a disbanded army.
The king generally bestowed the governorships of the American colonies upon needy noblemen, or hangers-on at court, or disbanded officers.
Also, such a war would create a large standing army that need never be disbanded, while in the minds of the people would be substituted the issue, "America versus Germany," in place of "Socialism versus Oligarchy."
They would sooner be disbanded than abandon that tune; it is a part of their system.
"At all events, you've disbanded your troop--and you are living in your own house instead of being fast and loose about the place; that's all very good.
On June 26, Home Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said the government would disband a few of PDRM special teams as part of the restructuring of the police force in the near future.
He also said he would ask Congress to either 'disband' or 'reorganize' the ERC and to file charges against the erring officials.
"They are still going to meet up as friends of the Normandy vets, but it is time for the association to disband."
A BEAVER pack which dates back 80 years may have to disband within weeks unless they can find a new leader.
The Cairo Urgent Issues Court set the date for Monday 23 September to announce its verdict on whether to disband the Muslim Brotherhood association or not
Mrs Cheer said arrangements are now under way to secure new homes for the horses and disband the section.
He said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA /: "It is unreasonable to disband an institution of this size, which has important system for efficient and professional leaders in the management of the security file." He added: "It was supposed to be a parallel between the former and present security leaders, to support them with intelligence to deal with the terrorist challenges from outside and inside Iraqi border." He saw: "The parties have affected the entire security file in terms of pushing incompetent security leaders in sensitive positions in the ministries of defense and interior, which led to the spread of corruption in them." It is mentioned that the former Iraqi army was disbanded by the U.S.
I'M concerned about AJ Hubble's blood pressure, so I suggest we disband Parliament and local councils, get rid of all the selfserving, useless politicians, disband the public services and privatise the NHS.