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Synonyms for disavow

Synonyms for disavow

to refuse to recognize or acknowledge

Antonyms for disavow

refuse to acknowledge

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The downward trajectory accelerated at a campaign event in Greenville, North Carolina, when the president's denunciation of Representative Ilhan Omar, a Somalia-born Minnesota Democrat, led the crowd to chant, "Send her back!" That was a raw, ugly -- and yes, racist -- sentiment echoing Trump's Sunday tweet calling for Omar and three other minority woman House members -- all US citizens -- to "go back home." Donald Trump's decision to disavow the chant was welcome, even if it was accompanied by the false claim that he tried to speak quickly to end the chant.
This is precisely the function of the drug war, as the fear and insecurity that structure it disown and disavow the many strange contradictions of the present social order and our shared fates as finite beings.
But Mr Parry urged her to "disavow" the statement made in 1993: "For somebody to come out with comments I believe she made, and being an apologist for the IRA is absolutely disgraceful.
"She should disavow these comments if that's her position and say, 'I was wrong, I was foolish.'.
Military commanders, including Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino, have so far promised to stick with Maduro and disavow Guaido.
The foreign minister also said Moscow expects that Washington won't disavow dialogues on cyber security and anti-terror fight, which were agreed at the first talks between Russian and US leaders Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump in July 2017 in Hamburg.
President-elect Donald Trump was forced to disavow the so-called "alt-right", a movement of right-wing activists often linked to white nationalism.
I disavow, and I condemn." He added that he did not want to "energize" the group.
We wish to take this opportunity to disavow and denounce any allegations of corruption or wrong doing allegedly committed by any of our family members.
Once these have been detected it's time to upload these links to Google webmasters and to disavow these links.
NEWMARKET: 2.05 You're Fired, 2.40 Gleneagles, 3.15 Hoodna, 3.50 NOOZHOH CANARIAS (NAP), 4.25 Shagah, 5.00 Disavow, 5.35 Noble Gift.
NEWMARKET 2.05 You're Fired 2.40 Gleneagles 3.15 Hoodna 3.50 Noozhoh Canarias 4.25 Shagah 5.00 Disavow 5.35 Noble Gift.
NEWMARKET: 2.05 You're Fired, 2.40 Gleneagles, 3.15 Hoodna, 3.50 Aljamaaheer, 4.25 Shagah, 5.00 Disavow, 5.35 Noble Gift.