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separate at the joints

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The idea behind it is to further disarticulate the maxillary sutures without the side effects of maxillary flaring or overexpansion.
"The Disarticulate," as Berger explains in the book's helpful introduction, was originally "The Dys-/Disarticulate," before an editorial decision to erase the slash so as to avoid confusion.
I meant "vacuum the uterus" or "disarticulate the fetus."
The book's eighth and final chapter, "Ben Jonson's Scenography," shows how much Jonson's critical pronouncements on literature, especially those embeded in his dramatic works, derive from the practical challenges of organizing space and action faced by a working playwright, even as he works to disarticulate drama from its originating practical context.
The committee declared that CICIG violates sovereignty, claiming, "The creation of a society of opportunity would do much more for respect for human rights." It called CICIG "a parallel organization to disarticulate parallel powers still not identified."
The film Buud Yam is not an exception, because it does recycle specific ideological practices in the Burkina Faso's traditional society, to disarticulate and rearticulate them into anew discourse that would become a social critic.
In contrast, Knusel and Carr (1995) pointed out that corpses that end up in rivers will disarticulate, with the head rapidly separating from the rest of the body, often losing its mandible, and eventually being buried a considerable distance downstream as a result of rolling along the channel bed.
The "out-of-orderness" Lee found so inimical to his project of chronological enlightenment and that he simply "got rid of," however, is precisely Baldwin's strategy to use film to disarticulate the discreteness of autobiography mapped onto historical eras.
North thus attempts to disarticulate the female voice from female authorship.
You can disarticulate (sever) at the neck or, what I prefer to do, is just to reach in with my forceps and collapse the skull and bring the fetus out intact."
Ginsberg wants to see the relationships among Chaucer and the Italians in a similar mode: less as the direct influence of A on B and more as the shared and mediated encounters of writers with the issues raised by each others' works: "the manner in which their literary and social modes of meaning echo and disarticulate one another" (ix).
Schandeler shows very well how these educationalists disarticulate Condorcet's thought, denying his Memoires and Rapports on public education any organic link with his philosophy, in order to identify his symbolic force with positivist republicanism.
It is part of the "regime's strategy to fragment the society, to disarticulate all intermediate social bodies between the individuals and the state--parties, unions, professional organizations--which would challenge the regime's desire to have all depend only on it....
Ambition in the large scale will seek forever to disarticulate, when and wherever it can, institutions in the meso-scale, in order thus to broaden and to deepen both its scope and competencies.
For example, in the 9 urchins with visible gaps, but in which the skeletons did not disarticulate, the visibly gaping sutures always occurred above the ambitus; the most adapical plate rows tended to fall out of the skeleton, and vertically gaping sutures tended to be more widely gaped adapically.