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Synonyms for disarrange

to put (the hair or clothes) into a state of disarray

Antonyms for disarrange

destroy the arrangement or order of

disturb the arrangement of

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It is necessary for things to disarrange you," wrote Ponge.
I have not looked further because I did not want to disarrange anything until you got here.
But he's also, like any such tortured literary character from Ahab to Winston Smith, hostage to his own saving plan of action--that "commanding vision" allowing him to arrange and disarrange events according to his own holy ground "perilously close to the abyss.
The most extravagant projects did not bewilder her imaginations; nor the greatest difficulties disarrange her ideas.
This technique has the advantage of disarrange growth into four components: national growth, industrial mix, comparative advantages and total net growth, and also to evaluate the growth magnitude in the manufacturing sector during the studied period and the competitiveness of these region cities according to job openings.
Howard Hughes' life-performance of self-annihilation, the post-colonialist stance of hyphenated subjectivities, WWW de-collagism and Actor Network Theory represent some of the competing vectors perforating the discourse of globality, presenting opportunities to (discursively) disarrange this discourse, torquing it toward critical consciousness.
The house IS very clean, but I am fed up getting screamed at if I drop a crumb on the carpet, crease the bedspread or disarrange the cushions.
Let it be enough to tear off the fine dress, let it be enough to disarrange the hair's coiffure, let it be enough to move her tears.
He will make messes in the kitchen and bathroom, he will spill food and he will disarrange cushions.
Once, before a reading, he asks a friend: "Will you please disarrange my hair; I've got to read poetry to some old ladies.
Waiting for small hands to disarrange, to grasp right and left and to reduce it to a livable confusion.
existence where we can disarrange and reassemble our personal fronts and
He engages his own sense of "experiment" in fiction, one that often arises in the American short story industry only from the simple impulse to disarrange plot and expectation.
He tells himself that Violet really is an extraordinary woman, miraculously in harmony with his own philosophy of life and in no way likely to disarrange his ordered existence.