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someone opposed to violence as a means of settling disputes

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Additionally, according to Blum-Kulka et al., requests can be mitigated by lexical and syntactic downgraders, such as "I was wondering if you could" and "Do you think you could," as well as supportive moves, like disarmers (e.g., "I know you are busy") and preparators (e.g., "Do you have a minute?").
With regards to the production of specific types of request modifiers we found that there were some statistically significant differences between our groups' use of two types of mitigators (disarmers and promise of rewards) within the category of external modifiers, partially confirming our last hypothesis.
Although not a unilateral disarmer, his success in telling the politicians that they could not toss atom bombs about and expect to get away with it may have saved all our lives.
Lorimer -- disarmer and (qualified) democrat -- was more radical: rather to Bluntschli's alarm, who regarded his federal scheme as `an international republic'.
1872: Bertrand Russell, above, philosopher, mathematician, nuclear disarmer and Nobel Prize for literature winner, was born in Trelleck, Monmouthshire.
I am not a unilateral disarmer, but I am committed to constructive unilateral initiatives by both sides that would demonstrate a sense of serious purpose.
A North Carolina duo that has opened for Sarah Shook and the Disarmers, Lilly Hiatt, H.C.
I suppose the idea being we keep people in work (no bad thing) at the same time satisfying nuclear disarmers.
External modifiers, which prepare the upcoming request, involve preparators, grounders, disarmers, expanders, promise of reward and please.
Others, such as transfer trays, neutral zones, and blade disarmers, aren't employed in ORs as often, even though they are designed to be effective at keeping surgeons and staff safe.
Threatening nuclear annihilation was not a kind of "peace" that the peace movement and nuclear disarmers sought.
(271) If this disarmament too was never claimed to be a violation of the right to keep and bear arms by either the disarmers or the disarmed, how can anyone assert there is a historical connection?