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Antonyms for disapprovingly

showing disapproval


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Roussille said that when she had gone to enquire, other classmates reacted disapprovingly towards her.
She shook her head or looked on disapprovingly when he challenged Democrats or laid out a dark vision of illegal immigrants assailing America.
Eyebrows will arch disapprovingly and heads will shake
But, as is so often the case, it actually turned out to be nothing of the kind - which is a shame as I'd rather fancied putting on my sanctimonious hat and coming over all Mary Whitehouse, scowling disapprovingly at all the cathode ray copulating whilst furiously flagellating myself with a knitted doily.
It happens during any given dental appointment; that embarrassing moment when your hygienist asks how often you floss, and your reply (most likely) is, "Not often enough," at the same time he or she clucks disapprovingly and shakes his or her head.
There was one such article on Wednesday, writing disapprovingly about Greek Cypriots going north to take advantage of the weak Turkish lira, even though such article never acknowledge that according to JCC -- the company handling credit card payments -- Turkish Cypriots, despite being fewer in numbers spend more in the south than Greek Cypriots spend in the north.
My dad would scowl disapprovingly at such nonsense and return to his hash browns.
While we all wish that the winner would be picked under noble circumstances, rather disapprovingly, this is far from it.
I'M not saying the gods looked disapprovingly on Alan Pardew when he did that goal-celebrating dad dance at Wembley - but look at the facts.
Sometimes the Villagers", who act as an audience-within-an audience, look on astonished at a spellbinding circus performer while at other times, the women look on disapprovingly or even verbally suggest that some death-defying feat might actually fail, which, thankfully, it never does.
Anyone who has ever been on the receiving end of disapprovingly raised eyebrows will have no trouble understanding the etymology of supercilious.
"ICELAND are still stuck in that 1980s mode," said co-commentator Glenn Hoddle, disapprovingly (England v Iceland, ITV, Monday).
No, don't look at me disapprovingly, you know you have.
WHEN a friend posts a quote on social media such as, "What's for you won't pass you by", do you a) smile and hit like, or b) scowl disapprovingly and keep on scrolling?