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Synonyms for disapprove



turn down


Synonyms for disapprove

to have or express an unfavorable opinion of

Synonyms for disapprove

References in classic literature ?
It's only right that you shouldn't disapprove of me.
Whatever I did you were there to disapprove like a--like a--like an aunt,' she concluded triumphantly.
I thought you would disapprove of it, sir," said Benjamin, in his mild and moderate way.
I do not disapprove the taste of my sister; nor will I doubt but that she is equally the object of his inclinations.
But you look grave, Marianne; do you disapprove your sister's choice?
However you might disapprove of what I had done, I thought you would not refuse to help me to find my sister.
The Arab League says it disapproves a continued Israeli troop existence on the eastern border of a future state of Palestine, an offer Palestinians say was floated by the U.