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Synonyms for disapprove



turn down


Synonyms for disapprove

to have or express an unfavorable opinion of

Synonyms for disapprove

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Additionally, in sharp contrast to the reasons cited by disapprovers, Trump approvers give explanations that are similar to those given by Obama approvers in 2009.
The smallest differences were found in levels of support for the president's unilateral control of the military, where minorities of both approvers and disapprovers indicated support for this power.
A lot of people were laughing now (except for the perpetual disapprovers who looked on in stern horror).
45) The incidence of hortatory or jussive subjunctives in Anne's poem indicates that, in spite of the Vergilian context, it may be similar to Catullus 5, where the poet exhorts his mistress to live and love with him and not to value the gossip of disapprovers highly: vivamus .
Best and Krueger conclude that nonviolent political activities in conflict with the presidential administration increase online surveillance perceptions for disapprovers of the president but not for approvers, and demand the incorporation of government surveillance into empirical studies of U.
BJP disapprovers and disassociates itself with the alleged statement.