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Synonyms for disapprove



turn down


Synonyms for disapprove

to have or express an unfavorable opinion of

Synonyms for disapprove

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Recently, ICC had declared the upcoming Global Zalmi league as disapproved cricket due to lack of approval.
1 CE54 Addition of Liner System and Filled Disapproved Cavity Definitions CE55 Adds Definition of Powered Roof/Wall As Submitted Ventilator CE90 Opaque Assemblies from Addendum bb Disapproved CE120 Cool Roof Requirements Disapproved CE121 Cool Roof Requirements As Modified CE157 Solar Heat Gain Coefficient Disapproved Multiplier and Building Orientation CE185 Changes damper class associated with Disapproved 4.
Even among those who said they disapprove of Obamacare, 59 percent still disapproved of the shutdown.
He concludes his speech with a statement by Imam Nawawi "Disapproving breastfeeding is not confirmed depending on a mere suspicion in breastfeeding or on the number of the forbidden breastfeeding because what is approved cannot be disapproved by only a suspicion.
It is understood he had had several other girlfriends over the years but his mother disapproved of them all.
Some 57 per cent of Americans disapproved of President Bush's Iraq policy.
A proposal, modeled after the New York State law, to require placards on buildings constructed with trusses was disapproved by the Fire Code Committee as a result of testimony by AWC and the Wood Truss Council of America.
Among Californians in general, 64 percent disapprove of his overall job performance, compared with 60 percent who disapproved in February.
Some 38% of people polled approved of Tony Blair leading the country into war, while 44% of people disapproved.
3% disapproved of it because for the same reason, the Yomiuri poll found.
Students were asked whether they approved or disapproved of laws that would do the following:
4% who disapproved of such a coalition, the Nihon Keizai poll shows.
A perfect example was an episode of Jerry Springer dealing with strippers and family members who disapproved of how they earned their money.
The three applications comprising the project were all disapproved.
No regulatory authority has approved or disapproved the information contained in this news release.