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Synonyms for disapprove



turn down


Synonyms for disapprove

to have or express an unfavorable opinion of

Synonyms for disapprove

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Overall, 38 percent of voters disapprove of the job Cornyn's doing as the second-highest-ranking member of the Senate majority's leadership.
63 percent also disapprove of the way Trump is handling his job, with nearly half (46 percent) saying they strongly disapprove.
Currently, more independents approve (50%) than disapprove (43%) of the ACA.
Those in support are more likely to be male and have a university education, but the percentage of those who disapprove appears to be unrelated to education level.
With only 40 percent Americans approving the caliber of their own representatives, the number of Americans who disapprove of their own Congress members has risen beyond 50 percent for the first time in 25 years, reported Politico.
Q: Do you approve or disapprove of the Obama administration releasing five Taliban prisoners in exchange for the Taliban releasing U.
Suspicion in those who breastfeed and the number of breastfeeding does not disapprove breastfeeding because in Shari 'ah the approved is what commonly followed and disapproving what is approved cannot confirmed but by an evidence {AL-Qahtani 2010}.
About 38% disapprove of the reform at the State-owned and heavily indebted railways BDZ Holding, which includes mass layoffs, cancelation of a number of trains, and increased fares a of those disapproving a 37% are State servants, 27% work for the private sector, 27% have college degrees, and every second is a supporter or follower of the opposition, left-wing Bulgarian Socialist Party, BSP.
Today the MP said: "I disapprove of the trade involving Meow Meow, legal highs or drugs in general.
3 : a group of people that disagree with, disapprove of, or resist someone or something
The software is completely ad-supported with a bit of a twist: Unlike most ad-supported software, you can actually approve or disapprove of the ads, so if you see an ad you don't like, you can disapprove and it goes away.
Nearly three in four people worldwide now say they disapprove of George Bush's handling of the campaign in Iraq.
Fifty-one percent of adults disapprove of the way Gov.
About 57 per cent of Americans disapprove of the job Bush is doing, and the most frequently mentioned reason is Iraq at 48 per cent.
Editor's reply: First, I deeply disapprove of all anti-Semitic acts.