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Synonyms for disapproval

Synonyms for disapproval

unfavorable opinion or judgment

Synonyms for disapproval

a feeling of disliking something or what someone is doing

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an inclination to withhold approval from some person or group

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4 disapproval, with registered voters giving Trump 38 approval and 58 percent disapproval.
Obama got an approval rating of 46 percent, whereas the disapproval rating was 54 percent.
Turkey has recently met with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and discussed providing aid estimated around ten million dollars for the Gaza Strip through the Palestinian authority, as a way of criticizing Hamas leadership and expressing their disapproval.
The 57-percent disapproval rating the president currently enjoys is slightly lower that his 60 percent record in mid-June, results of the Gallup poll released Sunday showed.
Murkowski is chairman of the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources and cosponsored the Senate version of this disapproval resolution.
Tax gathering is a vexing issue and the power will bring a new dimension to devolution, that will bring an outcry of mass disapproval - a storm the Assembly will not weather.
If the President were presented with the House disapproval measure, he would veto the bill," said OMB.
The government's disapproval rating overall was 55 per cent in the poll while parliament received a 68 per cent disapproval rating, and the Church 45 per cent.
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On increasing peace in the country, 46 percent approval and 22 percent disapproval, for a net +24.
9 (Petra)-- US President Barack Obama cleared a significant political hurdle Tuesday when several undecided Democrats came out in favor of the Iran nuclear deal, giving him enough votes to block a Senate resolution of disapproval.
Congress has 60 days to review the deal, after which it can pass a resolution of approval or disapproval or do nothing.
Former President Ernesto Zedillo (1994-2000) had very high disapproval ratings during the second year of his administration during the height of an economic crisis (SourceMex, Jan.
A vote on a resolution of disapproval is provided for in legislation before the Senate this week, known as the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act.
Russia in 2014 earned the lowest approval ratings globally for the eighth consecutive year and posted the highest disapproval ratings it has received to date.