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clarification that follows from the removal of ambiguity

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Each sense is supplied with lexical, syntactic, and semantic constraints, which, in the best case, allow the analyzer to converge on exactly one disambiguation decision per context.
Because of its proclivity for learning based on experience and determining pattern recognition, deep learning can be used to parse through data in disparate locations to determine what Porter terms a "golden record" of specific information for business use to provide the basis for disambiguation.
Author Disambiguation in PubMed: Evidence on the Precision and Recall of Author-ity among NIH-Funded Scientists.
These models are integrated into Information Retrieval (IR) language models to resolve ambiguity and also improve both Word Sense Disambiguation (WSD) and document ranking with respect to state-of-the-art methods.
One must also highlight the disambiguation and liberation of schizophrenia from too-limited forms: currently, they focus on more precise means for assessing the severity of symptoms.
This opens up possibilities for crossing between modalities, for purposes of alignment and disambiguation.
As the web size develops, ambiguity gets to be omnipresent and users are in more prominent need for viable method of disambiguation.
This module also has a disambiguation mechanism in the event that the utterance vector is similar to several destinations.
Although there is diversity and substantive (and philosophically interesting) disagreement among the essays, this volume contributes significantly to the disambiguation of what has been an enigmatic philosophical work and is a welcome addition to the continuously expanding scholarly literature on Fichte.
American Ambassadors is an enjoyable read owing to the many colorful anecdotes that pepper what might otherwise be a dry disambiguation of diplomatic bureaucracy.
To have better results, researchers try to use more than one common sense knowledge base like enriching WordNet with ConceptNet knowledge base for word sense disambiguation [11].
Using WordNet for Word Sense Disambiguation to Support Concept Map Construction.
Synopsis: "The Disambiguation of Susan" is a contemporary romance focused upon a young, wealthy Jewish woman finding her way as the world changes around her.
Semantic Annotation of SOAP Web Services based on Word Sense Disambiguation Techniques (1)
As we will see later, disambiguation does seem to figure in semantic conflict resolution, but it requires the sense selected in the construction to be a conventionalized sense of the adjective in question.