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In other words, such a phrase is highly ambiguous; it is not only unlikely to be disambiguated correctly, but also introduces noise into the mention-concept graph by introducing a large number of concept vertices, the vast majority of which will be completely irrelevant to the input document.
Substituting the disambiguated DOA estimates [[??].sub.k](k = 1, 2, ..., K) into the above equation, the 2-D spectrum search can be reduced to the K 1-D ones.
BabelNet uses a mapping algorithm to determine which sense of a polysemous WordNet entry should be paired with which disambiguated Wikipedia entry.
"attitudes" with their creator--a woman with a reputation for sexual decadence and branded as a social climber--on the other, Cowgill concludes that the manner in which Catalani was viewed "was ultimately not in her control, and the prima donna as a cultural figure was not sufficiently disambiguated to be received in this light" (p.
Although the two might be related, they are not the same--an issue increasingly disambiguated (see Veronika Lipphardt's 2008 book Biologie der Juden: Judische Wissenschaftler uber <<Rasse>> und Vererbung 1900-1935 or my 2010 article "Argumentative Patterns and Epistemic Considerations: Responses to anti-Semitism in the Conceptual History of Social Science," in Jewish Quarterly Review).
Contrary to what had been suggested by previous studies, naive speakers were able to disambiguate syntactic ambiguity for listeners, even when it had already been disambiguated by context.
Moreover, the context size of the target word is too small to convey enough meaning for being disambiguated at a fine-grained level.
Scope can also provide expert analysis of the results of any disambiguated output generated through automatic algorithms.”
Indians later disambiguated as Red Indians, American Indians, Amerindians, or Amerinds .
For example the terms like ill, sick, in poor health etc are disambiguated and moved to its root that is ill.
The next one, the Semantic Web has less datasets but in more structured form, which can easily be located and disambiguated. We in this study show that combining search mechanisms along with intelligent use of semantic technologies and datasets related information can be located, disambiguated and delivered to the user.
The main functionality of ctrl's API is to identify the set of (disambiguated) key topics in a document, generate a lucid summary, and retrieve documents that are related by topic/subject matter as opposed to keywords.
290,000 words) and the 20th century (morphologically disambiguated subcorpus of the Tartu University Corpus of Written Estonian, approx.