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state unambiguously or remove ambiguities from

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"Simple constraint matching" does not, however, come for free: its precondition is the availability of high-quality lexical and ontological knowledge bases that are sufficient to allow the LEIA to disambiguate and validate the semantic congruity of its interpretations.
There is a first zone where the first hypothesis returned and routed to this destination is accepted as valid; then a second disambiguation zone, where we might disambiguate between four hypotheses returned by the router, asking the user to choose;, and a third rejection zone, where any hypothesis is assumed to be erroneous and is not routed.
The see-references help to disambiguate - - if not the search - - then the breadth of the displayed results.
Context-sensitive search is designed to enhance the sensitivity of a query as it factors in the context of the search; it automatically generates a contextual thesaurus and uses this thesaurus to disambiguate and expand the user query based on existing enterprise knowledge, user profile, and work process.
We then need to disambiguate different references to locations, for example, Washington may refer to a number of cities in the U.S., or it can refer to a state.
Rather, he issues his arguments polemically as a challenge to Plato to disambiguate key terms, supply tacit assumptions, and clarify various commitments - much as Fine does herself in this book, one might add.
Semantic models can be used to disambiguate diverse vocabularies, which is critical for self-service.
There are three additional restrictions that we place on Winograd schemas: First, humans should be able to disambiguate these questions easily.
It seems Beyonce is in the mood to disambiguate the rumours surrounding her relationship with Jay Z.
In 2011, it added Google Scholar Citations as a way for scholars to identify themselves and to disambiguate their output from those with the same or a similar name.
More than half of non-Anglophone consumers visiting websites use free online machine translation, either at a website or through an MT-enabled browser such as Chrome, to read or disambiguate English-language websites.
Disambiguate extracted venue in step 2 from DBLP for the focused citation string using rule based approach as given in section 4.2.
Making references smarter allows them to be part of a sophisticated linked network used to disambiguate authors and the meaning of terms while providing improved search results.
We just put a word or two into the search box and let a search engine disambiguate the query and provide an answer.