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But Corazon Flores, chief of SC's fiscal management and budget office, said her office presumed that the expenses during the conference were regular since the Commission on Audit (COA) did not issue a notice of disallowance on the said expenses.
Despite such receipt, respondent Reynor only partially settled the disallowance in the total amount of P40,400 as evidenced by the June 21, 2016 Notice of Settlement of Suspension/Disallowance/Charge and the receipts submitted by respondent Reynor.
MANILA, Philippines Many public officials and even private entities dealing with government get into trouble due to their COA disallowances.
Thank you to all the MPs who listened to the workers and supported the disallowance motion.
Moreover, disallowance on account of Provision for doubtful debts has also been reduced to the tune of Rs.
The CASA-industry Standards Consultative Committee (SCC) has been notified and CASA will provide RPA operators with updates about possible impacts of the disallowance motion when more information becomes available.
11) Therefore, the Internal Revenue Service has instead focused on whether the flights are subject to the entertainment disallowance under I.
The NAO report includes the depressing news that 'despite their efforts, Defra and the Rural Payments Agency believe that further increases in disallowance are likely in the early years of the CAP 2015-2020'.
Chelameswar and Kurian Joseph that the government had approved the " new domestic natural gas policy" on October 18, 2014 while rais- RIL CMD Mukesh Ambani THE CASE SO FAR The SC posted the next hearing for March 20 during which it will examine the RIL's response to the CAG report that had sought disallowance of about ` 2,179 crore expenditure that RIL incurred on drilling of wells and payments to contractors in KG- D6.
The notice asserts a liability for taxes, penalties and interest related to the disallowance of foreign tax credits and other deductions claimed in connection with a financing transaction.
11) It is worth mentioning that the "link" requirement does not exist under the forward disallowance rule of section 265(a).
Confirming the fine, Agriculture Secretary Richard Lochhead said: "We have worked hard to limit the level of disallowance as far as possible.
481 adjustment in the year of the disallowance because the treatment of a material item had changed.
A question arises whether the same limitation, disallowance, or basis reduction rules apply for earnings and profits (E&P) purposes.
The bill would codify the Departmental Appeals Boards by establishing new timelines and procedures for the administrative review of disallowances of federal financial participation under Medicaid and codify a state's right to request reconsideration of disallowance of FFP or appeal disallowances or unfavorable reconsideration determinations to the DAB.