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While a disagreeable person isn't infallible, they at least are steadfast in their actions, back them up with reasons, and are willing to admit when they are wrong and need to change course.
It's a shame she doesn't stop herself from becoming the most disagreeable person on the show with her unnecessary jibes at the other four.
You know the drill - you greet your fellow passenger politely enough to justify your place in civil society but you make sure you do not offer too much warmth in case you end up committed to a flight-long conversation with a potentially disagreeable person (at best a bore, at I was given a brief history of London Irish, how their season was going, why Irish sides have an edge in the Heineken Cup because there is no relegation in the Magners League and they can rest players for European action while the Premiership sides have to produce their best week-in week-out, and by the time the plane had touched down on the Emerald Isle I felt qualified to write to Sky Sports to apply for the presenter's job on The Rugby Club.
Ethel, the older sister, is a "disagreeable person, ostentatious, pompous, and hard to get along with" (175).
The Langer takes its definition from Sean Beecher's Dictionary Of Cork Slang which says a langer is a disagreeable person.
When voices are raised, Mexicans tend to isolate the screamer and often avoid contact with the disagreeable person for a long time.
Another slang term born of the Yiddish influence is oberverschuttgai-an extremely disagreeable person, a schlock of the worst kind.
Jaspers asked or authorized his wife Gertrud, who happened to be Jewish, but also was a most disagreeable person, to subject me to a long interview in which she asked me many tactless questions about my family background, starting from her own prejudices which were both false and hostile.