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not be very easily digestible

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Cheney has framed the issue so that there is really no way to disagree with her and still be "living in truth" (as she titles her final chapter), much less be granted equal intellectual respect.
While we may disagree with the conclusions from time to time, that process generally has worked well.
The official line is that he's "personally popular' because he's so good on television but most people disagree with his policies.
46% disagree with the way President Bush is managing Social Security reform.
A miserable 59 per cent of us disagree with your suggestion that things are getting better.
adults disagree with the Supreme Court's recent ruling on the Affordable Care Act.
MORE than seven out of 10 Britons disagree with offering an amnesty to illegal immigrants, according to a poll published yesterday.
But most Republican critics said while they might disagree with some of the governor's policies, they still support his bid for re-election and will do the volunteer grass-roots work necessary to run the campaign.
These shared beliefs allow us to disagree with one another and remain family.
MORE than two-thirds of the British public disagree with the law making metrication of shops and markets compulsory, according to a new survey.
You can hear those who disagree with him already lining up.
The defendants in the suit disagree with the professionals and the lawsuit alleges that the defendants have taken the law into their own hands.
For each, please tell me if you strongly agree, somewhat agree, somewhat disagree, or strongly disagree with the argument.
was afraid that the church might be corrupted by the state"--and of mockery of those who disagree with him.
Our center has been open and operational for years, so to the extent that it's not a viable alternative we disagree with the court.