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to refuse to admit the truth, reality, value, or worth of

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This Note argues that state statutes preventing children from disaffirming contracts when they misrepresent their age should be reinterpreted with respect to children's online contracts.
In Chapter 4, Goldberg examines the act of lesbian and gay parenting itself, specifically navigating a society that is often homophobic and disaffirming of same-sex families.
It not frequently occurs in legal contractual settings that one contracting party is confronted with a choice between holding the other contracting party to a valid and subsisting contractual relationship inter se ('affirming' the contract), and exercising an inconsistent legal power permitting that relationship to be put to an end ('disaffirming' (1) the contract).
the right to elect between affirming and disaffirming the contract.
I explore how raced and gendered social arrangements might shape the social contexts necessary for the discouragement of drinking behaviors for women and racial minorities through stigmatization, denigration practices, and the threat of violence--therefore perpetuating disparities in drinking and disaffirming the time-out phenomena (at least in part).
The new rules include a unique Illinois provision, Comment 15A, which reminds lawyers who discover a client crime or fraud that they may make a "noisy withdrawal" by giving notice of withdrawal and disaffirming any opinion or other document prepared for the dishonest client, regardless of whether they make a disclosure permitted by new Rule 1.6(b).
14, disaffirming all prior statements he had made to the SEC.
Consistent with multicultural/social justice theories, RCT suggests that counselors need to understand that "chronic exposure to disaffirming stimuli" (Walker, 2005, p.
Significantly more out students (33%) than closeted students (14%) stated they had a LG student network to help find out which instructors were LG affirming and disaffirming ([chi square] [1, N = 80] = 18.44, p < .001; see Table 3).
Affirming practices/performativity/mobility, disaffirming identities/essence/stability.
adopts Searle's notion of "the institutional nature of our constructed social reality" (115) but affirms this as a concrete effect; it is not a basis, as in postmodernist deconstruction, of disaffirming the possibility of arriving at an objective meaning for texts, because readers construct different meanings based on different experiences.
They did not so much deny God as suggest that the laws of the universe might be better understood, not only by disaffirming God, but by refusing to see him as an adequate hypothesis for the universal laws of physics and evolution.
If the company fails to take the remedial measures directed by the QLCC, each member of the committee is individually responsible for notifying the SEC of any material violation and for disaffirming any tainted submission to the SEC.
Such disaffirming findings make it difficult to accept the basic premise that news is superior to advertising.