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to refuse to admit the truth, reality, value, or worth of

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It disaffirmed its signature when it was sentenced to have Militia and army activity against Nicaragua, base in Nicaragua request, in 1986.
In contract law, once the contract has been disaffirmed the victim is "entitled to restitution, either in kind, if it is possible to restore what the victim has given to the other party, or in the form of a money judgment based on the benefit that the victim has conferred.
(205) The consequence of this provision is that creditors' legitimate oral agreements may be disaffirmed by the FDIC.
is disaffirmed. Students often gloss over this subtlety--mistakenly
"The NSBS is not entitled to withhold a servicing fee from the funds it is retaining, because the liquidating agent disaffirmed and repudiated the arrangement NSBS had to service the accounts effective Nov.
"JP Morgan disaffirmed many of the Washington Mutual leases after their merger and there were the same seller concerns when Wells Fargo merged with Wachovia.
The FHFA disaffirmed all lobbying contracts and political contributions by the GSEs once the government put them into conservatorship, and these practices should remain once Fannie and Freddie are no longer under government control.
The ignored and disaffirmed aspects of the self, which are often embedded or shrouded in bodily sensations of agitation, hunger, and sexual desire, are then disavowed from primary self-states.
If she prizes her scholarly accomplishments above her physical virtues, she will feel disaffirmed when her partner affectionately refers to her as his "Colorado cutie."
Greek Orthodox Patriarch Bartholomew reacted to the latest "Cage action plan" found at Ergenekon suspect Levent Bektas' office and he also disaffirmed attempts to overthrow the government and use of minorities for this purpose.
It is crucial that identities rooted in oppressive ideologies are disaffirmed whereas those rooted in counterhegemonic ideologies are affirmed.
The transfer of real property cannot be disaffirmed until the minor reaches the age of majority.
jurisdiction to decide case because the complainant had disaffirmed
The question must also be affirmed or disaffirmed at a special town meeting on Feb.
If, for example, one party enters a contract, not because he truly consents to its terms, but because he was subjected to duress (threats of harm if he does not sign), the contract is voidable and can be disaffirmed by the party who was threatened.