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Synonyms for disaffection

Synonyms for disaffection

the act of estranging or the condition of being estranged

an interruption in friendly relations

Synonyms for disaffection

the feeling of being alienated from other people

disloyalty to the government or to established authority

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The NYSC boss, who met the corps members during church service urged them to avoid hate speech, rumour peddling and be cautious while using social media in order not to cause public disaffection.
There is disaffection against the Indian state in northeastern states.
The ministry also accused Pakistan of misusing disaffection in the Valley to justify cross-border terrorism.
This state of affairs can provide an ideal playing field to anti-state elements to exploit the disaffection and create a law and order situation.
Kim's tenure was also marked by high levels of disaffection amongWorldBankstaff, who chafed at a widespread internal restructuring that Kim began.
Summary: The 'yellow vests' protests are not only about economics but political disaffection
'We wish to express our utter disgust and disaffection about the conduct of the referee involved in the match fixing scandal, which resulted in the poor handling of some league matches notably our match against Accra Hearts of Oak handled by referee Samuel Suker in Accra last season.
As a master ex-rebel, moreover, he would want to measure the depths of the broader disaffection all around in order to mount an efficacious insurrection.
This has caused resentment and disaffection among those workers, many of whom are young men.
The remarks are allegedly calculated to excite disaffection against the presidency.
At a popular rally organised by his party on Saturday in Sfax, he noted "the existence of a systematic policy to establish the disaffection (of Tunisians) with regard to political life and the democratic exercise, amid full division, corruption, infiltration of lobbies and bands, absence of a radical revision of the model of development and non respect of the national interests ".
Instead, social disaffection is manifested in a rigodon of officials who manage the system.
Although it would be a mistake to claim that the one third of the electorate that snubbed the elections would vote for an independent, non-party candidate in February, the percentage still indicates a relatively high level of disaffection with the political establishment.
The long period of office of presidents in the Middle East (20-40 years) feeds the systemic state corruption which is at the base of much disaffection in the area.
But the new opposition movements that give voice to that disaffection are often rooted in religious or ethnic identity, and are often sectarian or separatist in form.