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in a disadvantageous way


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Moore (2008) is looking for this positive connection when she states: I believe feminist criticism remains necessary because women everywhere are still disadvantageously positioned in the cultural canons and because reading other women can inspire effective, intellectual and political connection.
In Rhetorics of Motherhood, author Lindal Buchanan, assistant professor of English and women's studies at Old Dominion University, interrogates motherhood from a rhetorical perspective and argues that the deployment of maternal appeals can "not only benefit women, giving them authority and credibility, but also impede them, always/already positioning them disadvantageously within the gendered status quo" (p.
implemented, it may influence the law disadvantageously, since law is a
William Hazlitt, one of Burney's gentler critics, acknowledges he is "sorry to be compelled to speak so disadvantageously of the work of an excellent and favorite writer: and the more so, as we perceive no decay of talent, but a perversion of it" (338).
The increasing demand for very high-speed data rates through optical transmission systems is not workable by the baseband modulation techniques and deployment of new hardware devices would be either technically unfeasible or costs will be disadvantageously.
When the tax payers ask for an exact evaluation of the fiscal effects of a transaction, they prefer to disclose in advance to the fiscal authorities the relevant facts in order to obtain a favorable solution rather than proceed with a transaction that might be disadvantageously assessed later on.
First, co-cultural theory is premised on an understanding of society as an inevitably hierarchical structure that positions particular groups advantageously and others disadvantageously.
The VisionVideo Software Solution is utilised by companies that create and deliver mobile video, including broadcasters, advertisers, content aggregators and network operators and also those who disadvantageously lack information about their customers' actual video quality experience due to current solutions that focus on analysing network conditions.
The situation of company 'B', on the other hand, looks rather disadvantageously.
The criticism generally takes the form of comparing if disadvantageously with a theory of universal recognition of foreign judgments.
Appropriate prominence should be given to terms which might operate disadvantageously to the customer.
It simply responded to the claim that the Bank, in its on-reservation commercial dealings with the Longs, treated them disadvantageously because of their tribal affiliation and racial identity.
Experiments focused on determining the amount of time necessary for the most disadvantageously placed sensor (usually the shell-end sensor) to reach and maintain for 30 minutes a temperature of 56[degrees]C.
Balance sheets often are disadvantageously populated, with low-yielding assets and high-cost liabilities depressing profitability.
We are doing all we can to make sure that anybody who has been disadvantageously affected by it will be reimbursed.