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Synonyms for disadvantageous

Synonyms for disadvantageous

tending to discourage, retard, or make more difficult

Antonyms for disadvantageous

constituting a disadvantage

References in classic literature ?
Tarzan's arms and legs were free but he was in such a disadvantageous position that he could not use them to any good effect.
That her husband had at first been employed in a bank, that he had afterwards entered into what he called city business and gained a fortune before he was three-and-thirty, that he had married a widow who was much older than himself--a Dissenter, and in other ways probably of that disadvantageous quality usually perceptible in a first wife if inquired into with the dispassionate judgment of a second--was almost as much as she had cared to learn beyond the glimpses which Mr.
The estimable Twemlow, dressing himself in his lodgings over the stable-yard in Duke Street, Saint James's, and hearing the horses at their toilette below, finds himself on the whole in a disadvantageous position as compared with the noble animals at livery.
The PCGG failed to prove that the loans and accommodations in favor of ALFA Integrated Textile, the rehabilitation plan, and the fixed assets sale were grossly or manifestly disadvantageous or prejudicial to the government, the Ombudsman held.
Regardless of the amount, Poe said in her resolution that an increase in bank charge is "disadvantageous to an estimated 4.1 million minimum-wage earners who would need to carry the burden of these fees as many of them receive their salaries through ATM cards and withdraw from these machines at least twice a month."
The Senate Committee on Banks, Financial Institutions and Currencies, chaired by Senator Grace Poe is ready to probe the plan to increase fees for automated teller machines (ATM) which she said would be 'disadvantageous' to Filipinos.
Task force reviewing PCSO resolutions !-- -- Christina Mendez (The Philippine Star) - August 16, 2019 - 12:00am MANILA, Philippines An anti-corruption task force formed by President Duterte is reviewing all board resolutions issued by the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) from the time of former general manager Alexander Balutan to the present, following concerns that the board had issued resolutions deemed disadvantageous to the government.
State auditors have decried as 'exorbitant' and grossly disadvantageous to the government the hiring of a Filipino-Canadian consultant who was paid P11.447 million to help Department of Environment and Natural Resources in a reforestation program whose goal is to plant 1.5 billion trees over a period of five years.
About 'Whistleblower Protection and Vigilance Commission bill', the minister said the legislation will provide a mechanism for whistleblower information relating to corruption and to protect information provider, in order to protect whistleblowers from disadvantageous measures such as removal from office, disciplinary action and intimidation etc.
g west wind will continue to blow in the Absheron peninsula until March 19 daytime, which is mainly disadvantageous for meteo-sensitive people.
Analysts see numerous reasons behind this development, such as disadvantageous deals on the commodity exchange as well as "the unfortunate" Mochovce project, the Hospodaacuterske Noviny economic daily wrote on October 10.Shareholders not commentingshareholders have so far refused to comment on the situation.
The six-year-old ran a fine race in the iconic handicap 12 months ago, finishing fifth to Montaly from a disadvantageous stall 18 draw.
ISLAMABAD: In a move that has immediately put almost the entire civil service at a disadvantageous position, the government has drastically changed promotion criteria for the federal bureaucracy, according to a report by a private media outlet.The Establishment Division on Wednesday revised the criteria for promotions to grade 20 and 21, recommended to the prime minister by the Central Selection Board (CSB).
Then, based on the benchmark model, the reservation price models considering the LSI's fairness concerns are established; that is, two decentralized models are established under disadvantageous inequality and advantageous inequality, respectively.
Thus, over the course of the task, participants are expected to be able to realize which decks are advantageous and which are disadvantageous. IGT performance is assessed by computing a net score by subtracting disadvantageous selections from advantageous selections.