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Synonyms for disadvantageous

Synonyms for disadvantageous

tending to discourage, retard, or make more difficult

Antonyms for disadvantageous

constituting a disadvantage

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We will not be party to a decision which would put us at a disadvantageous position in our diplomatic offensive viz- a- viz Pakistan.
The socialists have stressed that they have data that the resigned cabinet is currently making disadvantageous decisions in the field of energy in particular, and that those moves are intentfully "designed to ruin the economy.
If you look at the transaction as it is, the profit may be liable to tax in the first year, which may put the Islamic banks at a disadvantageous position compared to conventional banks," Ashok Hariharan, Partner and Head of tax for KPMG in Oman, told the Times of Oman.
He also noted that this project places Kyrgyz entrepreneurs involved into oil business into disadvantageous position, and could lead to their bankruptcy.
The inordinate delay on the part of PCB has placed the largest cricket association of the country in a very disadvantageous position in conducting their activities, it said.
Tunis (TAP) - The debt crisis in the Eurozone will be disadvantageous for Tunisian exports, tourist trade and DFI but will also have an impact on the competitiveness of national economy, says Moez LABIDI, economic and financial expert .
ANKARA, November 15, 2011 (TUR) -- Turkey's president said on Tuesday that it would be disadvantageous for the European Union (EU) to block Turkey's negotiation process.
The PSAs establish an advantageous, long-term regulatory transit regime under European Union and Turkish energy laws; protect the planned Nabucco pipeline from any potential disadvantageous changes to the legal and regulatory regime; ensure favorable treatment in the host countries regarding land acquisitions, taxation, and imports of construction material; and commit each government to support legal and administrative actions for implementation of the project.
It is believed that, in order to sooner close the deal, Dada has accepted a disadvantageous offer.
He even went as far as disputing a merger between Hizbullah fighters and the Lebanese army, saying this would effectively put the Lebanese army in a disadvantageous position vis-Ea-vis Israel.
The facility, which has an accommodation capacity of 120 people, was carried out as part of the National initiative for Human Development (INDH)with the aim ofproviding care for disadvantageous people such as the disabled, homeless women, vagrants and the elderly.
No one would be left disadvantageous as all riparian countries want to use resources in a reasonable manner.
Bush Paddy, at the peak of his form, may not defy a disadvantageous trap two slot.
These financial performances were achieved "in spite of disadvantageous conditions resulted from the world economic crisis and its repercussions of credits market," it commented.
Sibal said the government is giving weightage to the use of Information Communication and Technology (ICT) to increase access to education among people residing in rural and geographically disadvantageous places.