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Synonyms for disabused

freed of a mistaken or misguided notion


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ANY notion that the bloodstock world lives in a bubble of its own has been swiftly disabused over the last 12 months.
I trust recent events have disabused the public of this view.
If anyone thought things could not get worse in Pakistan after the attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team last week, they are about to be sorely disabused.
IF British investors, business people, workers, families and pensioners thought the EUR700bn US Wall St bail-out agreement, hammered out over the weekend and last night rejected by the House of Representatives, would translate into a lifeline for the UK economy, yesterday's heart-stopping plunge of the FTSE 100 index will have disabused them of any such hopes and expectations.
Though he has been celebrated for his blues liberally incorporating World Music stylings for four decades, the thing he wants to discuss is how he was quickly disabused of his music-industry naivete when he first came to L.
He was not disabused of this by President Mbeki of South Africa, who could do more than anyone to stop Mugabe.
It's a misapprehension Gerard Houllier once held, a notion he was spectacularly disabused of at Goodison Park of all places.
However, a lack of prominence in recent years left same people wondering if Phileas Fogg was lost to the world, an impression disabused by last year's relaunch.
Today, the American public, and much of the global population, has been largely disabused of the idea that the UN is in any sense a "peace" organization, or a worthy vessel of mankind's hopes for a better world.
He was swiftly disabused of that notion and the sack followed after only 16 matches.
Over the course of the year he lived there he was disabused of this notion.
If much here seems uneasy, disabused, pained, all remains strikingly vigorous; if the dysphoric, the unsettled, and the self-goading tend to reign, persistence and self-searching force the poet into a renewal of energy; if the mind and heart can question their capacity to recognize power, beauty, and feasibility, hyperconscious as they may become of the self's (as Rimbaud put it, and, after him, Frenaud) inhabilete fatale, yet does Rognet manage to remain alert to minima that allow continuity and resurgence: "a thin sliver of sky / [that] yet connects me to the light," an "opening of one's arms to the impossible," a sense of the curiously "divine trembling" of the other's hair, and so on.
In his youth he flirted with socialism, but was soon disabused of this by reading the Austrian economist Ludwig von Mises (1881-1972).
All of those who have been taken in by the glamorous fantasy of donning a pair of overalls and traipsing after people dressed like Ken dolls will be disabused here.