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Diversity became a dirty word when it stopped being seen as a way of attracting the best talent and started being seen as a set of criteria that was prioritised over candidates' capabilities.
"For years, regulation has been a dirty word but we have recently found evidence of the cost-effectiveness of legal regulation.
Craig Mawdslet joint planning director, AMV BBDO, says strategy is not a dirty word
'I hate that people think compromise is a dirty word. It's not a dirty word,' she said."
They call him a Muslim, like it's a dirty word, and have even compared him to the Antichrist.
Having worked with unemployed people I know that for some, work is a dirty word as they are doing very well on benefits thanks very much.
Population is a dirty word in environmental circles.
I have spent more than 30 years trying to eliminate that dirty word from my students' vocabulary.
Adams said: "Loyalty seems to be a dirty word these days.
But globalization need not be a dirty word. A number of firms see it as an opportunity as well as a challenge: They have taken the initiative to set up plants, joint ventures, or alliances abroad to take advantage of fast-growing local markets and capture a competitive advantage to benefit their existing OEM customers.
It has everything to do with the now dirty word "duty".
But now, Whitney is part of a group of fosters who must learn to live in a new culture that lives and dies by trees, yet where environmentalist is a dirty word. Of course, Whitney immediately falls in love with a tree she calls "Big Momma," and when limited logging returns to the area bringing a promise of prosperity, she has a larger cause to consider than herself.
EVANGELISM is a 10-letter dirty word for some Christians.
Yet, considering all the blather about obscene corporate excess, "profit" seems to be the only dirty word left in this country.