dirty money

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goods or money obtained illegally

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A report from LexisNexis Risk Solutions and the Economist Intelligence Unit shows that fintechs are the most likely businesses to say that the UK has a long way to go in fighting dirty money. In fact, almost half (48 per cent) think that the existing UK regulatory framework is not effective in combating the issue.
Even though it's hard to say how much dirty money is rinsed through the global financial sector every year, estimates suggest the figure could easily run in trillions of dollars.
The financial institutions are also employing tough scrutiny for new account holders and regular reporting of suspicious transactions in order to minimise chances of laundering dirty money.
Criminals employ many means to do whatever it takes to convert the money into legal tender by dishonest means, especially by converting dirty money through banks,' Vichea said.
A report from the Expert Panel on Money Laundering in Real Estate, released the same day, estimates that more than $7 billion in dirty money was laundered in B.C.
Dr Paul Matewele, Professor of Microbiology at London Metropolitan University, commented: "People who have compromised immune systems could be most at risk from handling dirty money - if you're visiting people in hospital who might be vulnerable to infection, you could unknowingly transfer bacteria off your cash which is resistant to antibiotics."
Today the country remains a prime destination for dirty money earned particularly from human trafficking, terrorism, smuggling, ransom kidnapping and environmental crimes, the AMLC reported.
Due to failure or intentional ignorance of the issue of huge inflow of black money and dirty money into Britain, London truly is now becoming the epicenter of black money.
The Government says it is confident of being removed from the European Union's 'dirty money' list over the next couple of months.
'We have established the strongest anti-money laundering standards in the world, but we have to make sure that dirty money from other countries does not find its way to our financial system,' V?ra Jourova, commissioner for Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality, said.
Jourova said that "we have to make sure that dirty money from other countries does not find its way to our financial system." She said that "Europe cannot be a laundromat for dirty money."
The top court appears resolute to ferret out details of dirty money sent abroad through illicit means.
Money Laundering is a process through which one make dirty money appears to be clean.
The owners' names will appear on a corporate registry, making it easier for law enforcement to seize assets linked to criminals or bought through 'dirty money'.
He said that the aims of FATF are political otherwise Afghanistan, India, Sudan and Nigeria would be been included in the list while the countries known for hiding dirty money including the UK would not have been spared.