dirty money

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goods or money obtained illegally

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He officially assumed executive director position of the dirty money watchdog council in September 2017.
Prominent economists in the Philippines have called on the government to implement changes to the system that would ensure more measures aimed at clearing dirty money from the system.
People suspected of building lavish lifestyles on dirty money must prove it is legitimate.
With things as they are, trying to take over a media group through claims of dirty money is unacceptable.
In a speech in Singapore, Mr Cameron insisted: "There is no place for dirty money in Britain.
According to the report, China, Russia, Mexico, India, and Malaysia saw the largest outflow of dirty money.
MANAMA: A special squad monitoring dirty money in Bahrain has reported a surge in suspicious transactions.
Pimentel said the allegation of whistleblower Benhur Luy that he ''received dirty money as kickback from the disbursement of PDAF allotted to his office in 2003 or at any other time is utterly malicious, completely false, and thoroughly defamatory.
High-value illegal substances are being transported across the country along with vast sums of dirty money.
Florida authorities have made another arrest as part of "Operation Dirty Money," an ongoing enforcement initiative to identify those bilking the workers' compensation system.
According to the US, the King of Pop's glove was bought with dirty money by Equatorial Guinea President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo's son Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue, Sky News reported.
From the bouncy Dirty Money to the more mellow and moody opening track Temptation, there's something for all bluesy-folk lovers on this album.
Flows of dirty money can damage the stability and reputation of the financial sector, while terrorism shakes the very foundations of our society.
8 billion in dirty money that flowed into tax havens and Western banks in 2010, more than eight times the amounts for runner-ups Malaysia and Mexico.
He went on saying "this is dirty money, which brought nothing good to Askar Akaev, Kurmanbek Bakiev.