dirty joke

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an indelicate joke

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Not so we can moan and groan, demand quotas for female firefighters, or turn every dirty joke into a sexual harassment case.
In contrast, we human beings retain in our subconscious mind every filthy thought, every dirty joke, every bit of envy, lust, or jealousy we have ever entertained.
Ed revealed the information about Ariana's dirty joke during his recent interview with (http://www.
While Josh's delivery could use some workprimetime is nerve-wracking, after alland the jokes themselves weren't the funniest I've ever heard (and I enjoy a good dirty joke as much as the next nice Jewish girl), the most notable element of Josh's performance might have been the vociferous response it inspired on social media and in the Jewish blogosphere.
It is not easy for a woman to be bold and funny in public, leave alone crack a dirty joke, but that's never stopped New Yorkbased, Indian- born comedian Radhika Vaz, who performed on Saturday night at the Stein Auditorium, India Habitat Centre.
She and my brother had probably expected a dirty joke or two, not a life-altering experience, and she was mortified.
Warren, who returns to the Belgrade in October with comedy drama Visiting Mr Green, said: "Aged four, I told a dirty joke to my family - my father laughed, clipped me round the ear and sent me to bed.
Also on the late night schedule is "The Aristocrats," a documentary about dozens of comics and one very dirty joke.
Now, OK, that's a dirty joke, but it's really the perspective that's shocking--it's a woman and a gay man conspiring against a straight man, and that's absolutely terrifying to the status quo.
Insisting that rock was a glamorously dirty joke, Pussy Galore released a series of albums and EPs that were death-of-the-text jack moves - noisy guitar assaults that didn't exist if they didn't offend.
Stern frequently grills his guests about their sex lives, and Schumer, no stranger to telling a dirty joke or two, did not hesitate to go into detail.
He wouldn't tell a dirty joke or even swear in front of a woman.
And no topic is taboo either, she would be just at home talking to a road sweeper or a scientist, cry with you if you were sad and laugh like a drain at a dirty joke.