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an atom bomb that leaves considerable radioactive contamination

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Their fresh success has set off new alarms among some lawmakers and officials in Washington about risks that terrorists inside the United States could undertake a dirty bomb attack.
Using the Muslim name, Muslim-al-Britani, he posted on Twitter, "O by the way Islamic State (of Iraq and the Levant) does have a Dirty bomb.
Tariq, 37, of Dudley, West Mids, wrote online: "O by the way Islamic State does have a Dirty bomb.
We're not sure public awareness will work, but we at least need to tell people early and often through local officials" about the effects of dirty bombs, he said.
Her comments on the dirty bomb threat come after police in Slovakia arrested three men suspected of trying to sell contraband uranium for EUR1 million (pounds 500,000).
Security chiefs fear terrorists may use a dirty bomb - which is packed with radioactive material - to create mass casualties and contamination in busy shopping areas.
The Indian-born convert to Islam plotted to drive limousines packed with explosives into the New York Stock Exchange, flood the London Underground and considered using radioactive dirty bombs.
These efforts to enhance our ability to detect dirty bombs are but one of many strategies and initiatives that the counterterrorism command has developed.
The particulate clouds from dirty bombs are indeed hazardous, but not as immediately dangerous to life as anthrax, for instance.
The number of dirty bombs we face," he predicts, "will be determined by how we deal with the first.
Dirty War will show the aftermath of terrorists setting off so-called dirty bombs in London to spread radioactivity.
Plans by insurance companies to stop covering airlines for risks relating to the explosion of dirty bombs (nuclear, chemical, bacteriological, etc.
A DEVICE which detects radioactive material used by terrorists for dirty bombs is being developed by a Warrington firm.
He went on to say ISIS will study what dirty bombs can do and talk about what happens when it is detonated in a public area.
BRITAIN will not be fully protected from terrorist smugglers bringing in dirty bombs for another TWO years.