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Synonyms for dirtily

in a filthy unclean manner


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There was a lot of trolls at work then, but I attributed it to the heat of a political exercise where partisanship is not only imaginative but can be dirtily so.
amusing himself by recording all those absurd and dirtily flamboyant little battles and copulations way down on earth" (Berner 136).
So dirtily are these kept, that inmates prefer answering nature's call in the open.
Adapted from an acclaimed 2002 novel by lowlife-fixated Brit novelist Niall Griffiths, this thematically ambitious narrative debut for rock-doc director Kieran Evans looks dirtily chic and boasts an unsurprisingly sharp soundtrack, but is on less sure footing with its delineation of a sadomasochistic relationship.
It's a fearless story, told in honest prose that is wildly lyrical as often as it is dirtily physical.