dirt ball

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a person who has a nasty or unethical character undeserving of respect

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It still took me ages to ask girls out because I didn't think any woman would want a dirt ball like me.
And if you have to transport it across a wide yard, cover the dirt ball with a damp sack.
Remove container-grown trees from their containers very carefully so you don't break up their dirt ball (Fig.
There's a trio of vicious vegetables which spit dirt balls, rain onion tears and send heat-seeking carrots after you; a pair of boxing frogs that morph between swirling fans and one-armed bandits to throw coins and fire at you - and a giant tombstone which tries to squish you.
Comet: Comets are icy dirt balls from the solar system's outer regions, As they near the sun, the ice vaporizes into a "tail."