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a full skirt with a gathered waistband

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a dress with a tight bodice and full skirt

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The event will take place on Saturday October 19 with two sessions midday till 6pm and 6pm till 11.30pm.and feature an all new fully themed Bavarian party tent, one of the best authentic 'Oompah' bands in the UK together with party DJs plus a great selection of German wheat beers served in steins to your tables by a team dressed in traditional dirndls and lederhosen.
"Burqa?" one of the AfD's election posters had asked on a photo depicting three German women in dirndls. "We prefer Burgundy!"
Set in a huge 'Bier Tent' in Cannon Hill Park, Edgbaston, Oktoberfest will be a world of lederhosen, dirndl, schnitzel and true German hospitality for thousands of revellers until Sunday.
Set in a huge BierTent in Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham Oktoberfest will be a world of lederhosen, dirndl, schnitzel and true German hospitality.
Brulotte is a third generation Bavarian-American and loves to rim marathons (25 so far) as well as collect dirndls (traditional Bavarian folk garb for women).
If you dislike the way you look in a dirndl skirt, picking up a vintage pattern with a dirndl element won't change the way you feel about dirndls, no matter how cute or glamorous the vintage illustration is.
To mark the beginning and the end of Munich's Oktoberfest, a Lufthansa CityLine crew will also be swapping their uniforms for dirndls. These flights will depart from Munich on 20 September for Lyon and Copenhagen, and on 21 September for Zagreb and Bremen.
On the one hand there's the beer-sloshing heartland of traditional Bavaria, where dirndls (traditional dresses) and sausages fill the postcards, and fairytale spires ornament the skyline.
Promoted as the original German Oktoberfest in Dubai with Dubai's German community, the event will see revellers turn up in their Dirndls (German dresses) and Lederhosens (leather shorts), as a top Bavarian live band play along over traditional brews, German sausages and halal Rindsbratwurste.
Dirndls and lederhosen are everywhere, sartorial cliches that have somehow come to stand for all of Germany in the American imaginary, and which I can only imagine appearing in Hamburg or Stuttgart in the context of an avant-garde art performance gone horribly wrong.
Willkommen to Franenmuth, Michigan's Little Bavaria where bells from the glockenspiel tower ring across the village as costumed waiters and waitresses in lederhosen and dirndls serve you a hearty meal.
"My girlfriend mentioned that it would be fun to photograph buxom German frauleins in dirndls, smashing their beer glasses together," explains Attura.
Clearly made as a change of pace after "Heaven," "Kitchen" is labeled by Akin "an audacious, dirty Heimat film." But for him, a Heimat film isn't Bavarian blondes in dirndls; this is northern, grungy, multikulti Germany, with Greeks, Turks, rock bands and drifters.