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a full skirt with a gathered waistband

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a dress with a tight bodice and full skirt

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The pretty brunette has a very particular style of her own - consisting of tight girdles, bosomy peasant blouse and dirndl skirts. Ballack is Chelsea's most recent signing and was recently voted 'the most handsome footballer in Germany' so Simone's initiation into the tabloids is likely.
The decor and ambience are how I envisage homespun Austrian - waitresses in dirndl skirts and pinafores, stone walls, pine cladding, chunky tables and chairs, chintzy carpet, mountains capes and the odd bucolic touch, like the furry pelt hung in the Eidelweiss Stube (bar area).
Charles once defined his design philosophy as "getting the most of the best to the greatest number of people for the least." Eventually, he (tall and chiseled in his characteristic nubby sports jackets and square-tipped Rooster ties) and Ray (short and button-faced in dirndl skirts) came to embody a friendlier, more pleasure-driven, California version of Bauhaus austerity, which stood as a tasteful antidote - if not a scold - to the Cadillac-tailfin excess proffered to prosperous, postwar America by conventional, conformist corporate gray flannel suits.
To wander round here is like entering a fairytale especially when you see people dressed in their native costumes, women in dirndl skirts and men in leather shorts.
Wrap-around mohair halter-necks as thin as cobwebs, fur muffs, lurex pedaushers, layered dirndl skirts, Beethoven-style floor-length jackets, destroyed denims, sharp green leather jackets and jeans so tight you can tell someone's religion - all part of the autumn/winter 98 concept.
Were she a more sympathetic mother-figure, fond of high lace collars, comfy sweaters and ankle-grazing dirndl skirts, rather than a rampant exhibitionist who really should get her roots done more often, she'd still be out-classed by Geldof.
Ours looked like the dirndl skirts, aprons, and peasant blouses that they were.
Dirndl skirts, anything with a tulip hem, peplums, high-waisted trousers and palazzo pants will all work.
Instead, indulge your feminine side in flirty florals, chiffons, Fiftiesstyle dirndl skirts, and fancy frocks.
This summer you have to be a ladylike prom queen, in dirndl skirts and pretty lacy blouses.