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Synonyms for dirge



Synonyms for dirge

a song or hymn of mourning composed or performed as a memorial to a dead person

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I'm sorry but I don't particularly like it - it's a bit of a dirge.
But even if they'd rehearsed, it would still have been what it really is - a total dirge.
He said: "Flower of Scotland is total dirge. We need a new one."
It was a hypocritical dirge - Lennon sang "imagine no possessions" while renting an extra apartment in New York just to store Yoko's furs.
It did little to compensate for the lack of atmosphere as the song descended into a dirge of bass and frenetic guitar, a trend that continued throughout the night.
Telling them to stick the shirts in their gobs so he's not subjected to that woeful one-man-went-to-mow dirge that goes on throughout every entire away game.
Opponents of Scots Wha Hae often say it's a dirge, while Flower of Scotland is more upbeat.
In this derivative dirge she is the oddly named Cady Heron who arrives at Chicago's North Shore High after being raised in the African jungle by her zoologist parents.
I think Flower of Scotland is a tiresome dirge, but forget Scotland The Brave - I'd prefer Sydney Devine's 1978 chart-topper (okay, it peaked at No.48) Scotland Forever.
Mark Ruffalo and Petra Wright "star" in an interest-free dirge focusing on the romantic indecisiveness of a gang of know-nothing New Yorkers.
Both publicity stunts highlight the fact that they haven't got a decent tune between them -o Madonna's latest effort is nothing but a dirge and Emminem merely sends me reaching for the aspirin.
SFA chief executive David Taylor wants a more inspiring tune to replace the song he branded "a bit of a dirge".
But Channel 4 couldn't afford any more of the starvation conditions that have reduced proceedings to an event-free dirge. So with the faked task victory and pounds 152 to spend, out came four bottles of champagne.
I'm sorry but I don't particularly like it - it's a bit of a dirge. I wish there was a viable alternative.
DESCRIBED as "an uplifting and optimistic tale", this Israeli dirge succeeds only in being relentlessly depressing.