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the property of a microphone or antenna of being more sensitive in one direction than in another

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the quality of being directive

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The resulting structure improves the maximum directivity with respect to the feeder along a large bandwidth (more than 5 dB) and provides a good crosspolar level (better than -35 dB).
This guilt manifested itself in two often combined ways: tutors felt guilty because they broke what they saw as a major "rule" of the writing center when they turned toward directive strategies, and/or they felt guilty because they worried their directive style had taken the focus off the client (essentially, I argue, they believed their directivity was the antithesis of student-centeredness).
Directivity pattern is one of the most important characteristics of the speaker in the design process which is defined based on the required SPL distribution from the customer.
One way to increase the directivity is to design an array of microstrip patch elements; however, designing an array of elements require feeding network which might complicate the design and occupy more design space.
Accordingly, a nonlinear finite-element methodology (FEM) was first developed to study the tunnel behavior under the first mentioned effect of faulting (fault slip) and then to study under the combination of both effects (i.e., fault dislocation and dynamic ground movement due to rupture directivity).
The radiations from different parts of a simple flat plate with constant thickness are in counter phase leading to phase cancellation and, therefore, poor directivity. On the contrary, if one considers a plate with some steps on the surface raised half a wavelength of the radiated sound, the radiations become in-phase and directivity increases.
Figures 11 and 12 are the directivity of SPLs of the thickness noise and the loading noise, respectively.
High directivity fractal boundary microstrip fractal boundary microstrip patch antenna presented by Borja et al [2] shows that a patch antenna with a fractal boundary exhibits localized modes.
The ZOR antenna can be designed much smaller than half a wavelength, enabling a very compact size [10,11], or much larger than half a wavelength, in order to reach high directivity [12].
The work presented in this paper is an extension of previous work on the design of NFC passive antenna and exclusively discussed the simulation results for h- field, gain and directivity to show that customized antenna is efficient enough to communicate with any active NFC device (Razi and Awais, 2014).
The algorithm if compared with the directivity of currently used receiving antenna at mobile station, provide 5-8% less ISI effect.
Bruel & Kjaer's personnel will characterize the individual noise sources of the Eurofighter and measure their directivity under the different thrust and flight configurations.
Antennas used for the free-space technique have high directivity and satisfy this requirement.
MHz to 40GHz, the Site Master S820E offers field technicians, engineers and wireless network installers dynamic range, directivity, and durability so they can conduct accurate measurements in the installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of microwave communications systems.
And directivity refers to the fact that it is not arbitrary to switch from one state to another.
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