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aimlessly drifting

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I haven't said that Congress is directionless and there is no quote in the whole report and had I said that it means I am calling myself directionless," he said.
Option strategies for directionless markets; trading with butterflies, iron butterflies, and condors.
But it's no laughing matter when our most important coming municipal activity (re-defining our waterfront) seems directionless.
David Bortolussi kicked four penalties and two conversions but the Azzurri were sloppy and directionless, especially in the second half, and did not even claim a bonus point.
The failure to provide adequate stroke unit care, the failure to respond to reports from the Royal College of Physicians and the failure to provide adequate vital brain imaging for patients are clearly the results of directionless policies.
The two young, directionless American men went to Baghdad in 2003 in search of truth and adventure, giving up their jobs selling 'Yankees Suck' t-shirts at Fenway and becoming volunteers for the U.
More importantly, all were perfectly willing to join an organization that was viewed in some corners as crippled, directionless and utterly devoid of the first-class image that for so many decades had been its calling card.
The present muddle-headed and directionless Conservative-LibDem coalition is taking us nowhere.
We are a potent political force, as the last election indicated, but we are directionless.
But in the midst of such whirling, directionless terror, right in the middle of the storm, a moment of clarity breaks through.
That's because, for all its bluster and vitriol, Blackness never emerges as much more than a directionless rant.
One of the films in this category was Sarah Goodman's Army of One, a fascinating look at three directionless young people who join the U.
Oh, Trey Anastasio and Page McConnell noodle on endlessly just like they do in concert, but the length is interminable, the direction directionless, and the effect numbing.
labor market remained weak, tentative, and directionless in 2002, although at a somewhat improved level from the year before.
That meant the book--which skillfully knits together the disparate lives of a healthy but HIV-positive gay man, the handsome genderfucking woman he lives with, his beautiful but directionless bisexual niece, and his lonely divorced straight sister--would be displayed prominently for three months in every B&N bookstore in America.
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