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aimlessly drifting

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JI Amir Senator Sirajul Haq said that since the creation of motherland people had always voted for change and this time too they wanted to bring new faces in the hope to see their fates changed but PTI government had disappointed them as the party which came with big slogans and claims had miserably failed to deliver and seemed directionless even after six months in power.
Earlier, Khawaja Asif of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) castigated the PTI government for its 'directionless' foreign policy, saying that Pakistan had faced 'extreme embarrassment' due to a last-minute refusal by India to hold foreign level talks in the United States.
He said: "I was just directionless. I knew I wanted to perform for a living, but it just felt a dream.
KNOCKED UP 9pm, ITV2 Ambitious journalist Alison's one-night stand with directionless layabout Ben has unexpected consequences when she discovers she is pregnant.
Terming the CBCS as ' directionless', the Delhi University Teachers' Association ( DUTA) has also unanimously passed a resolution in its general body meeting, opposing CBCS.
The early finish came only five days after David Cameron denied the Coalition had no new ideas and that he was in charge of a directionless "zombie" administration.
New Delhi, July 10 ( ANI ): Calling Finance Minister Arun Jaitley's maiden budget 'directionless', m dmi Party (P) chief Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday said there is nothing new in it.
In New York overnight, dollar-yen trading was directionless, with the safe-haven yen sandwiched by buying on the prolonged stalemate in the U.S.
Leaving (ITV1 Wales, tomorrow, 9pm)[bar] A directionless university graduate finds himself falling for an older woman - sound vaguely familiar?
Khurshid also denied that he termed the Congress party as directionless or was critical of the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for failing to address not just economic reforms but also administrative and political reforms which he was quoted as saying are getting delayed.
Directionless slacker Jeff (Segel) lives at home with his mum (Sarandon), smokes dope and watches movies.
The government appears to be at a standstill - rudderless and directionless.
Option strategies for directionless markets; trading with butterflies, iron butterflies, and condors.
The two young, directionless American men went to Baghdad in 2003 in search of truth and adventure, giving up their jobs selling 'Yankees Suck' t-shirts at Fenway and becoming volunteers for the U.S.
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