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Synonyms for directionality

the property of a microphone or antenna of being more sensitive in one direction than in another


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the property of being directional or maintaining a direction

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Weakness in organization, using codes (verbal or mathematical), memory, sequencing, time concepts, directionality, and multi-tasking often make home life, social life, and school life frustrating (Mortimore, 2003; Shaywitz, 2003).
Affect imparts directionality to problem solving, which in turn influences actions.
It's the actual adaptation of content that allows the design to remain workable, even if the directionality of the text changes and the content's meaning is consistent across languages.
Two of the other algorithms available regard the directionality of certain linktypes very strongly.
All three techniques used for the SEM sample preparation revealed no structural directionality and/or the presence of a layered structure, which would have been observed had the magnetic field caused precipitation of the phases from the melt (Fig.
I give everyone a stick with their name written on the left side for directionality.
In surround sound, it is impressive in its localization and directionality, although it bears little resemblance to anything one might hear live, unless, of course, the auditorium were set up in surround sound, which may have been the case.
The functional principle permitting this directionality may be of particular relevance for technological applications necessitating sensors that are low cost, low weight, and low energy.
We talked about line, understanding the importance of length, width, and directionality of lines.
Providing accurate sound reproduction, unparalleled directionality and noise canceling capability, thus enhancing the capability of voice activation system solutions.
If this sounds like a tall order, it is -- but Wright does an astonishingly effective job of finding directionality in history, not just over the past few thousand years but over the almost four billion years since the beginning of life on earth.
This directionality is unusual and is the activity required to "chew back" precursor snRNAs to the mature end.
These include: directionality, timescape, force, functional integration, and dimensionality.
In this study, we examined the orientation and efficiency of leaf area display in tropical tree seedlings growing in natural forest gaps, in relation to the spatial distribution and directionality of direct and diffuse radiation.
Tillich and May viewed the human as having within him or her a directionality that exists from birth.
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