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advertising sent directly to prospective customers via the mail

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The following mini case studies describe the programs of the first-place award winners in three of the four direct-mail categories: response-generating -- single; response-generating -- series; and outbound only -- single.
The kit contained all the tools dealers needed to learn about John Deere's advertising promotions and support materials, including signage, national advertising, direct-mail programs, parts programs and events kits.
For the direct-mail component, a series of three-dimensional mailers was developed to focus on specific Biolys advantage points with the poultry and hog prospects (approximately 300 in each group in the United States, Canada and Mexico).
Overall, the direct-mail program received a quite high 21 percent response.
By going to the authorities in the direct-mail case, Liebert triggered a federal grand jury investigation of the alleged over-billing.
In the fall of 1995, Liebert did an analysis of the Coalition's direct-mail operations that showed a significant increase in printing costs.
By accident, Liebert discovered that Federal Printing was a wholly owned subsidiary of Hart Conover Inc., the Coalition's chief fund-raiser and direct-mail vendor.
Solution: An irresistible direct-mail campaign, designed by Hamilton Ink, a PR/Marketing firm, that consisted of a compact disk of beautiful New Age music entitled "A Delicate Balance." To make it their own, Cerami customized the entire package including the CD, the brochure and the tray card with the company logo.
A good direct-mail program should achieve many of the benefits CPAs seek in marketing efforts:
An innovative direct-mail program can be an effective way to distinguish a firm and promote its services to existing and prospective clients.
So the next time a marketing consultant gives you advice about reaching prospects, don't overlook direct-mail marketing.
The Development Director will oversee the planning, production and analysis of direct-mail fundraising campaigns which embrace and articulate the mission of the Passionists of Holy Cross Province as well as the aspirations and stewardship of the Development Office.
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