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a primary where voters directly select the candidates who will run for office

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But there's a sizable catch: Direct primary care is not insurance.
They provide Telehealth, Hybrid Direct Primary Care, High Deductible Health Plans and Health Savings Accounts along with wellness programs.
In the process, weve assembled what we believe to be the largest and most diverse set of more than 1,300 Direct Primary Sources of very specific medical sanctions, exclusions and board actions data, and we are proud to provide our customers with seamless and transparent insight into this information.
It's called direct primary care, modeled after "concierge" practices that have gained prominence in the past 2 decades.
The clinic is based on a direct primary care model and has a contract-free policy.
I think at present there is more impact from economic conditions on the direct primary service industries attached to oil and gas and construction," he said.
BEFORE THEY WERE ABLE TO LAUNCH QLIANCE in Seattle, family physicians Erika Bliss and her cousin, internist Garrison Bliss, had to explain the direct primary care model to the Washington state insurance commissioner and the state Legislature.
We hypothesised that there is no difference between excision with direct primary closure and local transpositional Modified Limberg's flap closure in the treatment of sacrococcygeal pilonidal disease as regards to post-operative complications.
As we discussed in our April editorial, "Direct Primary Care: Kicking Insurance Out of the Exam Room," the new primary care practice model known as direct primary care (DPC) is posed to force an evolution of the healthcare system in Louisiana.
Whitney, MD, owns Revolutionary Health Services, a direct primary care (DPC) medical practice in Washington Crossing, Penn.
In the most recent report, 2% chose concierge practices (also known as direct primary care) and 5% opted for cash-only practices.
But many industrious and innovative family physicians are meeting the challenge by implementing new models, including the patient-centered medical home model and the direct primary care model (no insurance company invading the doctor-patient relationship).
Not just any kind of private practice, though, because Beard is one of a handful of Arkansas doctors pursuing a new model of medicine commonly called concierge or direct primary care medicine.
Different models of care with different payment mechanisms ranging from direct primary care (5) to single-payer systems are being discussed.