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the object that receives the direct action of the verb

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The English applicative advances dative and beneficiary adjuncts to primary objects and demotes the original direct objects to secondary object status (1).
The restricted objects of QOCs do not pattern with the locative-type of oblique (see Kroeber 1999 and the discussion of relativization above), leaving the restricted object somewhere on a scale between what can be considered direct objects and obliques.
The conclusion, then, is that instrument inversion and lexical valencyrearrangement are distinct phenomena: the latter is a property of a few verbs, while the latter is syntactic in nature, affecting, under the appropriate conditions, all the verbs that in their basic structure take patient/ theme direct objects and instrumental oblique objects.
unless a preverbal direct object (DO) pronoun is present in which case the past participle (PPart) shares gender and number features with the preverbal direct object pronoun (DOpron);
One disfavors clauses with direct objects, the other expresses a preference for mapping agents onto subjects.
For direct objects with full noun phrases, mid-position placement is by far most frequent in conversation.
Shieber concentrates on a class of subordinate clauses in which a string of verbs may be indefinitely distant from their direct objects.
Terescenko adds that in westward dialects of Tundra Nenets the overlapping of singular nominatives and accusatives in consonant-stemmed direct objects is entirely common.
Piazza's idea is that concepts are not, as sometimes seems suggested, 'mental marbles', semantic entities existing entirely within our heads as direct objects of thought.
Further, in Akkadian epesu, "to do, make," exhibits a number of combinations with direct objects to express actions that can also be related through verbs (see CAD, E: 191-235).
There is no evidence for the grammatical relation of "indirect object" in the language; that is, there is no intermediate category, ranging after subjects and direct objects, but preceding oblique objects on the Accessibility Hierarchy (Keenan and Comrie 1977) with respect to relativization, the use of reflexives, and quantifiers.
The colloquial sentences selected by the author shed new light on the diversity that exists among the non-marked direct objects.
The partner of the blind artist gives him instructions to carry out the drawing, but he can't take name of direct objects like circles, cap, tree, etc.
While many of the early moderns held--partly as a consequence of the arguments from hallucination and illusion--that the direct objects were always mind-dependent, the core claim of OV is that the direct objects of non-hallucinatory perceptual experiences are mind-independent physical objects.
Eastern Mansi can be classified as a DOM-language (DOM = Differential Object Marking, see Bossong 1985; Aissen 2003): only some of the direct objects are marked.
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