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a loan by a lender to a customer without the use of a third party

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Table 1 Direct Loan Transactions of the Federal Government: 1996 Fiscal Year (Millions of Dollars) Net Outlays Outstandings National defense 1,384 Internal affairs 1,674 38,983 Energy 1,036 34,125 Natural resources and environment 34 294 Agriculture 6,183 15,580 Commerce and housing credit 1,570 40,897 Transportation 47 314 Community and regional development 1,963 17,739 Education, training, employment 9,120 12,431 and social services Health 25 834 Income security 93 2,303 Veteran benefits and services 1,442 1,188 General government direct loans 379 462 Total 23,566 166,534 Source: The Budget of the United States Government, 1996.
Students save money on direct loans because, besides the repayment options, there are smaller origination fees.
The cost savings generated from the transition to Direct Loans enabled an increase in the maximum federal Pell Grant award for the 2010-11 school year to $5,550, an $800 increase since 2009.
One way to ease the transition may be for the Department of Education or Congress to provide some colleges with funds to facilitate the Direct Loan switch, she says.
While his increase in financial aid isn't directly related to Becker's switch to direct loans, the ease of finding a federal loan and the face-to-face guidance is.
Shelly Repp, general counsel for the National Council of Higher Education Loan Programs, said federal budget scorekeepers are distorting comparisons of the two programs, making the Direct Loan program look less expensive than it is.
The program's reserves, which equal approximately $1 billion or 32% of outstanding bonds, along with the principal portion of the pledged direct loans ($115 million) provide additional bond enhancement.
8 million direct loan to construct a facility that will provide the resources necessary to serve the nearly 6,000 residents living on the reservation and serve as a back-up for the Ponemah fire department.
Currently, there are two federal student loan programs: the Federal Family Education Loan Program and the less expensive Direct Loan Program, in which students receive loans directly from the government without going through banks that profit from the loans.
The Kennedy bill would go far beyond the Pell increases proposed by President Bush, double the maximum Hope Scholarship Tax Credit to $3,000 and make it available for all four years of college; provide financial rewards to colleges that switch to the Direct loan program; and allow borrowers to refinance Federal Consolidation loans to attain better rates.
In the direct loan system, the alternative President William J.
In addition to requiring reconciliation for the balances of direct loan allowance and loan guarantee liability on an entity-wide basis as prescribed in this statement, the Board recognizes that reconciliation on a program-by-program basis can better reveal information relevant to program performance.
91,"Accounting for Nonrefundable Fees and Costs Associated with Originating or Acquiring Loans and Indirect Costs of Leases" provides that direct loan origination costs, as defined in SFAS 91, must be deferred and recognized as a reduction in the loan's yield.
The interest portion of the direct loan repayments will subsidize borrower loans related to the series 16 issue, while the principal portion of the direct loan repayments will be transferred to the pool program reserve (to the extent that the funds are not needed to cure a deficiency in the debt service fund).
The experiment will allow colleges to require, as a condition of receiving Direct Loan funds, loan counseling to students beyond the statutorily required one-time entrance and one-time exit counseling.