direct examination

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(law) the initial questioning of a witness by the party that called the witness

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This section provides the platform for direct examination.
New lesions appeared on the edge of a healed scar for each patient, regardless of the location of the primary lesion (Table), and were diagnosed at Rennes University Hospital (positive direct examination or culture) in 2005.
Keep the fuller index as a backup in your trial notebook in case something comes up during the expert's direct examination that makes other deposition testimony suddenly more relevant.
The primary key to a successful direct examination is preparation, preparation, preparation.
ISSUE: Generally, every circumstance relating to the direct testimony of an adverse witness of relating to anything within his or her knowledge is a proper subject for cross-examination, including any matter which might qualify or diminish the impact of direct examination.
Petrocelli sought to introduce the letter to refute Simpson's assertion during his direct examination of a ``super''-loving relationship with Nicole Simpson.
The company is integrating its complementary screening technologies, MCS and Cytection(TM), with chemistries and informatics to create a novel drug discovery platform, WaveScreen(TM), which allows direct examination of a wide range of biologic activities.
On direct examination, she testified that he only touched her breasts on that occasion.
In this edition of their ongoing trial skills series for attorneys with trial experience, Jones Day partners Tom Jackson and Mike Ginsberg focus on techniques for organizing the direct examination to enhance the persuasiveness of the factual presentation by the witness.
Approach voir dire as you would a direct examination in which you want the witness to talk, not a cross-examination in which you try to limit a witness's testimony.
NITA, a not-for-profit continuing education institution, trains working lawyers worldwide in courtroom skills, from improving direct examination techniques to creating more effective courtroom exhibits.
On direct examination, a Gram stain of the protected specimen brush sample showed numerous gram-positive bacilli.
A novel technique has been developed that allows indirect-examination field crews to integrate aboveground inspection data, validate alignment accuracy, predict the need for additional complementary Indirect Examinations and propose the confirmatory, in-ditch Direct Examination locations.
The purpose of a detailed and complete expert report is in part to minimize the expense of opposing experts, and to shorten direct examination and prevent an ambush at trial.
Our experience shows that the direct examination questions and responses are key to establishing the facts.
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