direct correlation

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a correlation in which large values of one variable are associated with large values of the other and small with small

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8220;The biggest surprise was to see the direct correlation on a daily basis with the fluctuation with the outside temperature.
Sophie Christopher of Viking said: "Viking's research has found there is a direct correlation between making lots of hot drinks for colleagues and getting promoted.
For example, the marketing by fast-food chains to "biggie-size" food portions may also have a direct correlation to the "biggie-sizing" of residential properties.
The constant speed allows for the direct correlation of the press, and push button operation allows for precision ink film thickness repeatability.
Jersey City started using Data-Flow last fall and it's too early to show a direct correlation to student achievement.
The paper demonstrated a direct correlation between money going in and a significant increase in the African-American vote for Bush between 2000 and 2004.
Our success in our global deployment and distribution operations has a direct correlation to the support of our partners," said Dunwoody.
Numerous statistical studies pinpoint a direct correlation between credit history and the likelihood that a customer will have a loss.
The synchronicity architecture consists of a software layer that connects both the pre- and post-testing calculation processes of the physical and virtual procedures, then calibrates them so the results have a direct correlation.
There is an obvious and direct correlation between the quality of care in our nation's nursing facilities and the workforce level in place.
Studies have shown a direct correlation between exposure to music and academic achievement, social awareness, responsibility, discipline and work productivity.
Researchers have identified a direct correlation between animal abuse and domestic violence and child abuse, citing animal cruelty as an indicator of future offending behaviour.
He sees a direct correlation between accusations of sexual assault and labor shortage, the very moments at which the colonizers were most conscious of their dependence on the colonized.
There has always been a direct correlation between business and sports: the marriage of individual effort with teamwork and the emphasis on long-range planning and strategy.
If there is a business where dedication and time put in has a direct correlation with success, headhunting is it.