direct action

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a protest action by labor or minority groups to obtain their demands

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The first thing many people want to know is how Hansen became involved in Direct Action.
Ken Ward is a cofounder of the Climate Disobedience Center and Climate Direct Action.
Belanger argues that organizers' refusal to build broader alliances left them unable to effectively use direct action to advance I their aims.
au/news/breaking-news/direct-action-critic-turnbull-backs-plan/story-fni0xqi4-1227108150055) reports Mr Abbott had welcomed the passage of the Direct Action policy but said he was disappointed Labour refused to engage in constructive talks about the climate change policy.
Direct action can be as simple as organizing 5 or 10 co-workers to march into the boss's office to file a grievance or to demand a change in working conditions--no grievance needed.
In a statement Cuadrilla condemned illegal direct action against its staff and operations.
Mr Williams said: "They [Eileen and Trefor] probably initiated what developed into direct action.
Group leader Ian Charlesworth said: "We have arranged a meeting in the Midlands to bring all groups together regarding fuel protests and direct action .
Traveller lawyers had argued the council's decision to take direct action to clear the green belt site of 400 residents, including about 100 children, was in breach of their human rights.
The direct action has been organised on social network sites, where women have been posting images and videos of themselves behind the wheel.
THERE was purported horror by politicians about the, relatively minor, direct action undertaken by some students to vent their fury about the proposed hikes in further education tuition fees, university cutbacks and the abolition of the education maintenance allowance.
About 20 members of the Disabled People's Direct Action Networkformed a blockade outside Louisa Ryland House in Newhall Street yesterday.
322) This judicially-recognized exception should encompass cases arising under the Louisiana Direct Action Statute.
The letter is a criticism of waiting for those in control to deliver justice and a defense of direct action in the form of nonviolent protests.
Travelers, Manville's primary insurer from 1947 through 1976, also became enmeshed in a host of direct action claims, as well as claims from vendors of Manville's products, contribution claims, cross claims and indemnity claims.
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