dire straits

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a state of extreme distress

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To say Dire Straits were successful is a bit like saying zebras are rather stripey.
Queen, above, were at the top in 1976 with Bohemian Rhapsody; below, Dire Straits charted in 1986
But then, the global economy is also in dire straits which politicians have constantly assured us, is set to turn yet another corner.
Another mesmerising show of indifference that demonstrates what dire straits the music industry is in.
Members of iconic rock band Dire Straits are back and vowing to take their music to new heights in this new incarnation.
Dire Straits' sax player Chris White and ex Dire Straits keyboard player and producer Alan Clark were having breakfast beside a pool one beautiful, sunny morning when Alan declared they were going to form The Straits.
Giving evidence the musician said: "I was trying to protect my finances as best I could on behalf of my son because I recognised I was in dire straits.
THE former Dire Straits front man has grouped together an amazing line-up of musicians for his current tour, which is in support of his latest album, Privateering.
The Arab Spring Stages -- By Dire Straits' Hits In addition to their glorious music, Dire Straits proved to be prescient in their choice of song titles.
DIRE Straits may be consigned to the annals of music history, but that doesn't mean fans have missed out on the chance to hear their back catalogue played live.
The Office for National Statistics has revealed that Brits have been buying rock songs of Queen, Abba and Dire Straits in greater numbers than almost anything else.
In 1997, Dire Straits frontman Mark Knopfler played Redcar Bowl with his band the Notting Hillbillies.
The country is in dire straits and the dinosaurs at the unions want to make things worse.
The 60 year-old Dire Straits bass layer is now the owner of the East nd Arms in the New Forest, and works hands-on with the staff when eeded.