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a painting or carving (especially an altarpiece) on two panels (usually hinged like a book)

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In another diptych from the Migrating Patterns series dated 2016, comprising paintings titled In Place, Her Heart Aglow, and Ghosts of her Migration, the mirror images of the two women are connected by their braids and the intricate patterns on their garments.
Barely any canvas is visible in the diptych Heel, Sit, Stay, 1977, whose wonderful title may allude to the artist's beloved German shepherds but is an easy enough command for the viewer to obey: One is immobile before the work, sucked into Mitchell's almost Fauvist placement of thick, vertically adjacent patches of color.
BEIRUT: Tamara Al-Samerraei's "Wallpaper" is a diptych of sorts.
A bundle of New York Times newspapers, placed on a pedestal just in front of the diptych, features a large cover photograph of figures watching a plume of dark smoke in northern Afghanistan, under the headline, "A Nation Challenged.
These prices have only been bettered by the Dormeuil Diptych, a French passion diptych dated around 1350-75.
The goal was to find a way to produce 1 mm plates of porcelain which would become the 80 cm/60 cm large tablets for the different diptych maps versions, as well as for the 1.
The diptych that ends here and began with Event and World elucidates human beings from the viewpoint of a hermeneutical phenomenology that considers the capacity to experience events--that is, critical upheavals of their life as a whole--as one of the ownmost features of these living beings.
In this volume, international scholars in political science and film, literary, and cultural studies undertake multifaceted investigations into how Eastwood's diptych reflects war today.
The relationship between dance and music has been over 30 years my main focus, and I think in this diptych, it is in its most purified form.
Christiane Baumgartner uses video and woodcut to create the diptych Ladywood, inspired by reflections of a railway bridge onto the canal.
Moreover, Achilles Tatius employs the diptych in order to anticipate the theatrical connotation of the events in book 3, demonstrating understanding of the theatrical inspiration of the joint iconography.
NSFW"--the acronym for "Not Safe for Work"--is a diptych portraying how both male and female magazine editors manipulate women and the readers who lap up their images.
The Huddersfield Art Gallery paintings include Pendent, produced by Edward Wadsworth in 1942, Moorland Benediction, by Sonia Lawson in 1985, Tea in the Bedsitter, a 1916 work by Harold Gilman, John Atkinson Grimshaw's Silver Moonlight from 1886 and Diptych for a Tame Spider, produced by Alan Davie in 1967.
Their fascination with Fine Arts appeared in the exhibition is obvious through their use of image, text, ideas and diptych format, said Maryam, the visitor, adding the way students tried to portray the feelings of an ordinary man was commendable.
His commission in the 1390s of a personal devotional diptych, whose present location is unknown but whose iconography is recorded to have included the Man of Sorrows and the Madonna and Child with Saints, allows us to visualize the merchant's recourse to prayer and devotion to allay the fear, pain, and death unleashed by the plague.