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In Malaysia, to remove only 3 percent of the trees in a selective harvest of dipterocarps, 48 percent of the remaining trees were destroyed.
49 Ecological Studies in the Mixed Dipterocarp Forests of Brunei State (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1964).
First, because of the open canopies, the dominance of grass communities and thus the increased proneness to fire, some areas considered dry forests under the FAO definition, such as the miombo in Africa and dry dipterocarp forests in Asia, might be more accurately described as savannah (e.g., Dexter et al.
It's thought that in its pristine state, about 80 per cent of Borneo was covered in dipterocarp forest
reported for the dipterocarp tree Shorea ovalis of the humid forests of
In forests in Malaysia, where there are many dipterocarp trees, it has been shown that many of these trees may actually require this type of dry period for flowering and fruiting to occur, and they are so well-adapted to a regime including dry periods that they dominate these forests.
To investigate how the temporal pattern of seedfall affects dipterocarp seed and seedling survival, in both a logged and a primary lowland tropical forest, we planted Shorea stenoptera Burck seeds in the last three weeks of a 12wk synchronous dipterocarp seedfall during a major community mast-fruiting event in West Kalimantan, Indonesia.
The different vegetation zones at Kinabalu National Park range from lowland dipterocarp forest to lower montane oak-chestnut forest, upper montane or cloud forest and subalpine meadow near the summit plateau of Mount Kinabalu.
of undocumented dipterocarp lumber on board a 10-wheeler van was seized in this city Thursday morning.
An analysis on organic acids contents in ripe fruits of fifteen Mao Luang (Antidesma bunius) cultivars, harvested from dipterocarp forest of Phupan valley in Northeast Thailand.
It is found up to an altitude of 750 m, and also occasionally in secondary evergreen dipterocarp forest in the states of Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu.
Plant reproductive phenology over four years including an episode of general flowering in a lowland dipterocarp forest, Sarawak, Malaysia.