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Synonyms for dipsomaniac

a person who drinks alcohol to excess habitually

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And far from Moscow's spy services disintegrating - like everything else in President Yeltsin's dipsomaniac kingdom - it has never been more active.
More or less in full view of Barnes, Lady Ashley beds other "chaps"--the teenager, a dipsomaniac she is on the verge of marrying, a wealthy man of the world from Greece--without arousing in Barnes anything like his malignant hatred of Cohn.
Lionel Johnson, a dipsomaniac, 'the jug of Glengarry whisky between two open books: Les Fleurs du Mal and Leaves of Grass', drinking two pints of it every twenty-four hours, dead at thirty-five.
In the face of this tragedy, Bishop's classic dipsomaniac pattern of alcoholism became more and more a pattern of continuous and excessive drinking.
His life gets much more lively when his smarter brother Reggie (James Woods) and his dipsomaniac wife Valerie (Lolita Davidovich) turn up on his doorstep and get him involved in their impossibly whacky schemes.
Only the Satanic dipsomaniac of "Doc" Ramsforth's obsessed imagination could have conspired to introduce such immodesties into the innocent bowers of American childhood.
Bull-necked, basso-voiced middle son Forrest (Tom Hardy) is the brains of the operation, while shell-shocked, dipsomaniac war vet Howard (Jason Clarke) rides shotgun as backup muscle.
Milland, who was to feature in around 120 films, reputedly spent some time among the drunks of the Bowery to make his performance more credible - and the film was the first to treat the problems of a dipsomaniac seriously on the screen.
Fletcher's Gertrude was a more resilient figure, a boozy party girl and dipsomaniac who sought solace in alcohol as a means of running away from her complicity in the events unfolding on stage.
In comes a daughter who happens to be a dipsomaniac, home from London for the festive season along with her brother who is on leave from the army.
In Under the Volcano most of the action is filtered through the consciousness of two characters who are really himself at different stages, Hugh his younger self and the Consul the mature dipsomaniac.
Given his notorious dipsomaniac habits and penchant for opium, as well as theories that he had syphilis (a fact the screenplay unsurprisingly doesn't explore), it's probable the real Poe simply died from partying too heartily.
Not forgetting first love Brian - son of dipsomaniac Ivy - who cheated on her before getting fatally stabbed outside a nightclub.
JAMIE may well rue the day he decided to go off and find his dear old dipsomaniac mum.