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Synonyms for dipsomaniac

a person who drinks alcohol to excess habitually

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His life gets much more lively when his smarter brother Reggie (James Woods) and his dipsomaniac wife Valerie (Lolita Davidovich) turn up on his doorstep and get him involved in their impossibly whacky schemes.
Milland, who was to feature in around 120 films, reputedly spent some time among the drunks of the Bowery to make his performance more credible - and the film was the first to treat the problems of a dipsomaniac seriously on the screen.
In comes a daughter who happens to be a dipsomaniac, home from London for the festive season along with her brother who is on leave from the army.
In Under the Volcano most of the action is filtered through the consciousness of two characters who are really himself at different stages, Hugh his younger self and the Consul the mature dipsomaniac.
Not forgetting first love Brian - son of dipsomaniac Ivy - who cheated on her before getting fatally stabbed outside a nightclub.
JAMIE may well rue the day he decided to go off and find his dear old dipsomaniac mum.
For five and a half years I have dribbled words all over this column like a dipsomaniac would spill beer, wine, and then someone else's spirits.
Simon Wilding portrayed Magnifico as a greasy dipsomaniac, pulling bottles from his clothes like a conjuror and actually behaving rather unpleasantly.
Now we're all agreed that we're not going to vote for dipsomaniac knicker-boiler Kate, I thought I'd move on to another moron who richly deserves to walk away from Halfwit House empty handed.
Just how futile it now seems to have beaten a crumbling, gangster infested, hard-up country led by a dipsomaniac to land on another planet goes without explanation.
Four Scottish Dances Opus 59 (Malcolm Arnold) were given spirited readings of which a superbly dipsomaniac bassoon solo was a splendid feature.
Not as strict or old-fashioned as I felt taking a 10-year-old to watch a dipsomaniac dad letch-ing after the au pair.